How to Screenshot An Entire Webpage on Mac


When using Apple’s Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad, you may take screenshots of full web pages and share them with others.

image via tomsguide

You can simply record whole websites on macOS by following these methods, even though Safari for Mac does not have an analogous capability.

Firefox is available for free download and installation from the Mozilla website.


To take a screenshot of an entire webpage, open Firefox on your Mac and go to the website you want to capture a screenshot of.

Ensure that any lazy-loading pictures are fully shown by scrolling to the bottom of the site.

As soon as you’re done, use the right mouse button (Ctrl-click) and choose Take Screenshot from the contextual menu.


Click Save complete page in the browser’s upper-right corner to save the entire website.

Click either Copy or Download to save the picture as a PNG file to your computer’s hard disc when the framed capture displays.

Firefox will download the item to the default downloads folder you choose. firefox


Please note that in step 4, you may either pick a specific section of the page to download, or you can select the whole page and save it by clicking Save Visible, or you can save a specific portion of the page by dragging or clicking it.

Adding a Screenshot button to the Firefox toolbar is also an option. In the browser’s upper-right corner, click the Menu (three-line) button. Drag and drop things into or out of the overflow menu and the toolbar in a separate tab that will appear. Drag the Screenshot item (the scissors symbol) to the toolbar, then press Done to complete the process.


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