Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro internet first review


Aside from the Magic4 Pro smartphone, Honor is also releasing the Watch GS 3 and Earbuds 3 Pro as part of its worldwide rollout, which began last month. Our look at the phone is complete, now let’s see how the two wearables stack up in comparison to it.

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Gold-colored body, brown leather band, and white Earbuds 3 Pro make up our Honor Watch GS 3 in Classic Gold hue.

Honor Watch GS 3

Honor delayed a month to reveal the watch to the rest of the world after launching it in China in January. We’ll eventually be able to buy one for €230/£210 in three months’ time. With its 3D curved glass, it looks stunning from every angle. The construction quality also appears strong.


A proprietary charger with two pogo ports is included in the retail packaging, although wireless charging isn’t supported.

For review: Honor Earbuds 3 Pro and Honor Watch GS 3.

The 44g weight of the watch is surprisingly light on the wrist. With no rotation or any additional controls, it isn’t necessary a bad thing to have two buttons on the right side. Because of the curved screen’s design, fingers may move around on it with ease.

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When Honor was a subsidiary of Huawei, you may expect to see many similarities between the Watch GS 3 and Huawei’s Watch series of smartwatches. Because Huawei has made some of the greatest wearables in recent years, this is really a positive thing.

In addition, the Watch GS 3 will be the first test for Honor’s new independent company’s concepts in the Western markets, including a lot of Honor’s ideas in it.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

The Earbuds 3 Pro are a step up from the Earbuds Choice X, which we previously reviewed.


The earphones’ design is clearly influenced by Apple, although the stems are shorter and can be controlled with gestures.

The AI temperature monitoring was one of the features that piqued our interest. It is expected to have a 0.3°C margin of error in measuring the body temperature. This functionality does not appear to be accessible in Europe, despite the Earbuds 3 Pro being sold in five countries throughout Europe.

While we’d like to think Honor will be able to fix this in a future firmware update, it’s not something we’d consider when making a purchase decision.

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Four different noise cancellation modes exist: Ultra, Cozy, General, and “AI Cancellation,” which attempts to change its power in response to the environment. VPU (Voice Pick Up) sensors help you sound better over the phone by reducing background noise and removing wind.

Each earbud has a 42mAh battery and the enclosure has 410mAh. Each bud contributes 5.1 grammes to the overall weight of 50 grammes. Rubber-tipped earbuds need to be comfortable in the ear, and these are. That seems like something we’ll be hearing soon, so stay tuned for an update!


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