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Hand on Realme GT2 in for review


Last week, Realme GT2 series went worldwide, but the more expensive GT2 Pro received the most attention. In many ways, the GT2 is equally as good as its rival, and it’s also a lot less expensive.

image credits: sparrowsnews

To begin, let’s get a quick unpacking out of the way. A 65-watt charger, USB cable, and a case are all included with the GT2, as is the Realme GT2 Pro. The casing looks nice, but it’s made of inferior materials. In the first few minutes of use, the casing had a few scuffs on it, which isn’t encouraging.

A look at the Realme GT2

Images of the Realme GT2 Pro adjacent to the GT2 are shown below. The two phones, both in Paper Green, look almost identical. The difference in screen real estate of about 0.08 inches is hardly perceptible. However, the GT2’s screen has a little lower quality display.


When it comes to build quality, the plastic-framed GT2 feels as good as the metal-clad GT2 Pro.

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, the GT2 Pro beats the Snapdragon 888 in terms of computing power. It also has an unique 3MP microscope camera, in addition to the GT2’s standard ultrawide and macro lenses.

But the Realme GT2 features the same 50MP primary camera, 5,000mAh battery, and 65W charging. The 8/128GB and 12/256GB models are also available, however the cheaper of the two is €200, while the more expensive is €250, making the GT2 a far better value.


Moreover, may we congratulate Realme for their choice of colour for the Realme GT2? The GT2 features the same bio-based polymer back material that resembles the feel of paper, but it’s the pastel aspect of the hue that truly captures your attention. In addition, it stands out among the sea of contemporary black-and-white drab phones that we’ve been using at work recently.

image credits theverge

In the European market, the Realme GT2 is a fantastic deal. Realme’s sleek UI and top-of-the-line hardware make this phone an excellent value.

Our complete review of the Realme GT2 is coming soon, but in light of the GT2 Pro’s review, we anticipate excellent camera performance, long-lasting battery life, a slick charging experience, and an enjoyable Realme UI 3.0 experience.


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