Google’s secret new iOS app will allow you switch to Android


Google has developed an app in the App Store that allows you to transfer your data from your iPhone to one of the top Android phones.


It was recently found on the App Store that Google’s Switch to Android app (via 9to5Google). An app that does not need a USB-C to Lightning cord to transmit data between the two devices is a much-needed improvement.

You won’t be able to locate the app on the App Store if you search for it. Alternatively, you may use a direct link like the one provided above, or you can wait for the app’s official launch, which TechCrunch has been told will take place over the next two weeks.


No matter how many times you download the software directly from the App Store, you can’t yet change phones. QR codes are required to begin the transfer procedure, however there is presently no manner of accessing the requisite code. To begin with, you’ll need an iPhone, at least with this app technique. This feature is expected to emerge in the Android setup procedure soon.

Some of the most crucial pieces of data you’ll want to transfer are “pictures, movies, contacts, and calendar events,” which the programme clearly specifies it works with. That doesn’t apply to applications, even if there are Android versions of the same thing. What’s worse is that none of your vital communications will be sent through. Although the software reminds you to stop iMessage, which ensures that all of your messages are transmitted to your new Android phone, it isn’t perfect.

Because the picture and video transmission only works with data saved on the iPhone, there is a limitation. For iCloud Photos, the app can’t assist you directly, but it will tell you how to get a copy from Apple and then transfer it to Google Drive, which you can do yourself.


Many Android phone manufacturers, like Samsung, OnePlus, and Motorola, provide their own applications for migrating to iOS. Despite the fact that Google has been reluctant to respond to this issue, at least there is now an alternative. To make it as simple as possible to exchange your iPhone for a new Pixel 6 Pro or comparable phone, maybe the app and Android OS compatibility will be released shortly.

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