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Google Pixel 6a rumors: Everything we know so far


Detailed information about Google’s upcoming low-cost Pixel

Google Pixel 6a rumors to have Google Tensor Chipset

Even though the Google Pixel 6a isn’t expected to be released for another several month, rumours about the device are already circulating. And if they’re right, Google might be back to its best with its next low-cost phone.

Although we were pleased with the Pixel 5a when it was released last year, it was too similar to the Pixel 4a 5G to feel like a new phone. Upgrades to the cameras, CPU, and battery are all expected this year, as is a new design inspired by the Pixel 6. These are the kinds of low-cost phones that might give Google a leg up in the market share race.


As of now, the only thing we can say with certainty is that it will be one of many new Google products that will be released in 2022. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the latest Google Pixel rumours and conjecture right here.

Google Pixel 6a release date and pricing predictions for consumers

We now know Google is working on a Pixel 6a thanks to an odd colouring book leak. It’s coming, but when? And how much?

On August 26th, 2021, the Pixel 5a will be available in the United States and Japan. There was no explanation from Google on why the phone was only available in two countries, although we anticipate the continuing chip scarcity to be a factor.

(Image credit: 91mobiles / OnLeaks)

When it came to launching the A series, August appeared to be Google’s preferred month. During Google I/O 2019, the Pixel 3a was unveiled, however the Pixel 4 was released on August 20, 2020. Even the COVID-19 epidemic delayed the 4a release date, it was still released in August for the Pixel 5a by Google. To be honest, I thought the Pixel 6a was the same device.

The original May/Google I/O launch timeframe may be reinstated, though. However, according to leaker Max Jambor, the Pixel 6a will be released in May. The Pixel Watch is expected to appear in May, which is no coincidence.

Although the Pixel 6a has now been postponed until July owing to the persistent difficulties with processor shortages, Prosser recently stated that the Pixel Watch may also be delayed.


When it comes to the pricing of the Pixel 6a, it’s just like the release date. Originally priced at $399, the smaller Pixel 3a (which came in two sizes) is now $349. A second camera and 5G support were introduced to the Pixel 5a at a cost increase to $449. In our estimation, the Pixel 6a is likely to remain in the $449 price range, depending on the processor Google chooses.

The rumoured arrival of the iPhone SE 3 in March might put the Pixel 6a in a tough position. Based on the rumours, here is how we see an iPhone SE 3 vs. Google Pixel 6a comparison.

The design and display of the Google Pixel 6a

Google’s next affordable phone might look a lot like the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, according to images of a fake Google Pixel 6a. A camera bar instead of a module, and the elimination of the 3.5mm audio port, seem to be the most significant changes.

(Image credit: Fathom Braceles / xleaks7)

The authenticity of these photos is unknown. However, the design language of the Pixel ‘a’ series phones has been influenced by the flagship Pixels. Google Pixel 6a renderings, apparently based on the supposedly leaked information, lend more validity to this claim.

The Pixel 6’s design may be controversial, but it’s undeniably unique, and its inclusion in the Pixel 6a wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

Specs revealed by Shadow leak say that the Pixel 6a will include a 6.2-inch, 60Hz display. Compared to the Pixel 5a’s 6.4-inch display, this is a tad smaller. However, the purported refresh rate is more discouraging. There are many of devices, even in the Pixel a series price bracket, that have refresh rates as high as 90Hz, 120Hz, or even more. Given that the Pixel 6 has a 90Hz display as standard, Google’s choice to keep the Pixel 6a’s panel at 60Hz seems perplexing.


Leaks from a US carrier database indicate that the phone will come in three colours: black, white, and green. That’s a step forward from the Pixel 5a, which was only available in monochrome.

Cameras for the Google Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a, according to Twitter user Mishaal Rahman, has the codename “bluejay” and is currently under development. With the help of Rahman, bluejay may have an IMX363 camera configuration, as well as an IMX386, and an IMX355. The specifications of Shadow leak may be found here. By stating the 6a would include a 12MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, and 8MP selfie camera, a leak has rounded out what we already know.

The Pixel 5a, as a point of comparison, has the same 12MP IMX363 primary sensor and an 8MP IMX355 front-facing camera. (See the table below.) The 16MP IMX481 sensor in the ultrawide was a degradation, while the new 12MP IMX386 sensor isn’t. 1.25 micrometres in diameter, compared to the IMX481’s 1.0 micrometres. Even though the Pixel 6a has a lower pixel count, it should be able to create superior overall photos because of its larger pixels.


Google’s Pixel 6a has a lot of power.

The Google Tensor chipset from the Pixel 6 is expected to be included in the Pixel 6a, along with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, according to Shadow leak’s intel. In addition, a Geekbench result that appears to be for the 6a, which also shows specs matching those of the Tensor chip, plus 6GB of RAM, further supports this claim

It’s fantastic that the Tensor chip is now being used. It’s a powerful chipset fit for a flagship smartphone, on par with last year’s Snapdragon 888. It’s possible that Google’s Pixel 6a is the most powerful phone in its pricing category, better even than the iPhone SE and the iPhone SE 3.

Google Pixel 6a battery life and charging speed

Leaks say that the Pixel 6a will have a 4,800 mAh battery and 30W charging. Compared to the Pixel 5’s 4,680 mAh battery, it has a slightly larger capacity and a much faster charging speed.


Because Google didn’t include chargers with the Pixel 6 series, this could be a problem. There is no guarantee that the Pixel 6a will come with a charger.

Google’s Pixel 6a: a glance at its future

Pixel 6a looks better than Pixel 5a did at launch based on current leaks. An updated CPU, a tweak to the ultrawide back camera, quicker charging, and a bigger battery make this phone more powerful than a typical mid-range phone. All of these changes are wonderful.

However, Google must exercise caution when setting the price of the Pixel 6a in order to make it onto our list of the best Android phones. Because the Pixel 5a’s $449 starting price was a touch steep, even a price cut to $400 or below would increase the phone’s appeal.


We’d also want to see the Pixel 6a released outside of the United States and Japan. There is a worldwide scarcity of computer chips, but maybe Google can still let its supporters in other nations to purchase the phone if they choose. Source

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