Forget Wordle — Play this trivia game on Netflix


Instead of using Wordle, you should check out this new Netflix trivia game.

Forget Wordle — you need to play this new daily trivia game on Netflix
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In the last several months, Wordle and its numerous clones have become the internet’s most popular timewasters. If you’re tired of the same old puzzle games on a regular basis and want to try something different, you may consider watching Trivia Quest on Netflix.

Each episode of this interactive animated quiz show, which is based on the Trivia Crack mobile game, has 12 questions for you to answer. Movies and geography are just few of the topics that have been covered in previous episodes. Other episodes focus on more unusual subjects, such as famous phrases or a complete programme on Netflix series and movies.


Trivia Quest’s biggest feature is the option to play an episode again in hard mode once you’ve finished it. There will now be a slew of new, somewhat more difficult questions for you to tackle. There is a lot of replay potential in this Trivia Quest, and the hard option may put your knowledge to the test.

Every day in April, Netflix is releasing a new episode of Trivia Quest. Even if you miss a day, you’ll still be able to go back and watch the prior episodes. More than a dozen quizzes are waiting for you if you only join us today. The episodes are short and sweet, so they’re perfect for when you need something to pass the time.

The episodes of Trivia Quest are linked by a storyline. Willy, an animated figure on a mission to save his companions from an evil sword with eyes named Rocky, acts as your guide. You can release one of Willy’s friends if you get enough money by correctly answering questions. The plot is shallow, and Willy is more obnoxious than endearing, therefore we recommend playing Trivia Quest silently. After all, the questions are what most people are interested in, not the cartoon characters.


This is hardly Netflix’s first foray into interactive programming, as Trivia Quest shows. To aid a feline criminal in breaking into a museum, Cat Burglar was introduced earlier this year by the streamer. A number of new Netflix originals, like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, You vs Wild, and WWE Escape the Undertaker, are all interactive experiences.

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