First look of Apple’s 35W dual charger just leaked in alleged images


These new photos show a thinner charging brick for future Apple iPhones.

Images purporting to show Apple’s expected 35W USB-C charger have been released, and they depict a more compact but still powerful charging brick.

Apple’s first 35W USB-C charger was unintentionally released on the company’s website last week, as we previously reported. We may now receive our first look at the new peripheral in less than a week.


It’s not clear who leaked the photographs, but they were shared on Twitter by ChargerLAB(opens in new tab). According to the photos, there will be a tiny charging brick with two USB-C ports arranged side-by-side on the bottom, unlike the existing charger. To make it simpler to remove from a power socket, the charger incorporates a circular cutout on the backside.

This is what the “Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter” was described as in the stolen paper.

With a cable (not included) and the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power adapter, you may charge your smartphone.” It’s time to plug in the USB-C cable to either port on the power adapter, and make sure the electrical prongs are extended (if necessary) “The document outlined its purpose. “If you need to unplug your device, make sure the power outlet is within easy reach. The other end of the wire should be connected to your computer.”


According to reports, the new charger would have a maximum output of 35W, not 35W per USB-C connector. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and an Apple Watch, iPad Air and an Apple Watch, and so on may all be charged at the same time with this much energy.

With all rumours and claimed leaks, we should proceed cautiously, as always. We don’t know when or if this new USB-C charger will be released. We may hope that Apple will make an announcement about the new operating system for its different Apple devices during its forthcoming WWDC 2022 event, which is scheduled to take place in June of that year.


It’s probable that this new charger may debut with the iPhone 14 and the new MacBook Air 2022 this autumn.

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