Expect a purple iPad Air and a green iPhone 13 on March 8 Event


Apple is about to reveal its ugliest iPhone colour ever.

According to a fresh claim, Apple will unveil a green iPhone 13 and a purple iPad Air on March 8.

Apple is anticipated to reveal a redesigned iPhone SE with 5G capability, and now a new rumour from YouTuber Luke Miani and Apple Track suggests a new iPhone 13. According to the source, a new green hue will be introduced to the stable — and it’s certainly a vibe. It isn’t for everyone.


The iPhone 13 we’ll see tomorrow won’t have any new features outside the colour.

The same source suggests the iPad Air will get a new colour, purple. The hue appears comparable to the latest iPad mini and may be the finest yet. Like iPhone SE, the redesigned colour will be accompanied by a new CPU and 5G capabilities.

The rest of tomorrow’s lineup is unknown. Today came news of a new Mac Studio and Apple Studio Display. Both claims originate from the same YouTuber who, until tonight, had no record of making such forecasts. Of course, we’ll know in less than 24 hours whether these rumours are true.


Apple’s March 8 event will begin at 10 a.m. PST on March 8, 2022. Source

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