Everyone may now use Twitter long-awaited answer to Instagram’s Close Friends

Now you may play around without anyone noticing.

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Instagram’s Close Friends feature has been a huge success ever since it was introduced in 2018. Many people rapidly grew accustomed to the concept of submitting content that only certain users may see. And Twitter has began developing Circle, its own version of the function. Circles are now being made public after months of testing.

Recently, Twitter announced that all platform users will have access to Circles. Instagram’s Close Friends stories and Twitter Circles are nearly identical, however Twitter Circles let you submit private tweets that only a small number of individuals may see (Twitter killed off its stories clone Fleets, after all). There, you are free to post whatever you choose, including text threads, pictures, and videos. Many of us have family and friends among our followers, so posting something particularly for them is the best course of action.


Simply open the new tweet panel and select “Choose audience” from the drop-down menu above the text field to publish a tweet to your Circle. The number of individuals you may add to your Circle is 150, which is significantly more than what Instagram offers.

In May, Circles’ initial test was made available to a small number of users before being made available to all users. Actually, when the scope of that test was expanded, we reported it as if it were being rolled out to everyone. Many individuals were able to access it, although there was no official notification from Twitter at the time. The fact that we have confirmation now should indicate that it will arrive even if you didn’t have Circles on your account before.

Make sure your Twitter app is fully updated if you don’t already have it. If that doesn’t work, you might have to wait a few weeks for it to roll out to everyone.




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