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Indian ice cream manufacturer Creambell was founded in 2003 by the RJ Corp and is based in New Delhi, India. Currently, Creambell can be found in 19 different Indian states.

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The Creambell brand also diversifies into the dairy industry with milk and “value-added” dairy goods, such as cheese. It also has operations in Nepal, Bhutan, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Zambia, in addition to the country of origin. As of March 2022, Korra, a digital content and media company, has been selected as the digital agency of record for this ice cream brand.


Single ScoopPrice
Vanilla Blast₹70
Pink Strawberry₹70
Cold Coffee₹95
Chocolatey Oreo₹100
Double ScoopPrice
Shoppe Special₹130

Creambell Celebration

Creambell CelebrationPrice
Black Forest₹400
Golden Fantasy₹400


Shahi Kulfi₹290


Sizzling Brownie [Single Scoop]₹120
Family Sizzler [Double Scoop]₹200

Thirst Quenchers

Thirst QuenchersPrice
Blue Lagoon₹80
Pine Colada₹80


Fresh Pineapple₹55₹85
Black Currant₹55₹85
Kaju Kishmish₹55₹85
Crunchy Butter Scotch₹55₹85
King Alphonso₹55₹85
Belgian Chocolate₹55₹85
Figs N Honey₹55₹85
Kaju Katli₹65₹105
Cookies & Cream₹65₹105
Zafrani Pasta₹65₹105
Shahi Kulfi₹65₹105
Thandai Kulfi₹65₹105
Litchi Caramel₹65₹105


Single ScoopPrice
Vanilla Touch₹70
Pink Love₹70
Frutti Love₹100
Chocolate Sin₹100
Double ScoopPrice
Hot Chocolate Fudge₹130
Oreo Sin₹130
Brownie Crunch₹140
Shoppe Special₹150
Add On’sPrice
Fresh Waffle Cone₹10
Hot Chocolate Sauce₹10
Raspberry Sauce₹10


In 2003, the firm was founded with the help of a big French dairy corporation (Candia). Creambell has a 15 percent share of the Indian ice cream market and is present in 19 states, including all of India’s top 40 cities. Baddi, Goa, Kosi near Agra and Asansol are the four production sites of Creambell, which have 35,000 retail locations in India. From 2008 to 2013, Creambell claims that the firm grew six times. Ice cream sticks in two flavors — pina-orange and chocolate cookie — have been introduced by Creambell as part of their Maxxum Mini line in 2015.


An announcement that the corporation will be closing its doors in May of 2020 has been widely reported.

As a result, several media sites first reported that the corporation was closing one of its plants, but subsequently clarified that it was instead bolstering other facilities.

Awards and recognitions

During the WCRC Leaders’ Asia Summit in London’s Grosvenor Square Marriott Hotel, Creambell was named India’s most promising brand for 2013-2014. The Indian Diary Association and DANISCO organized the Great Indian Ice Cream Contest 2013 and awarded the firm the top prize. Creambell won four gold and two silver medals in the Great Indian Ice-cream Contest, which included eight categories of awards. Cream Bell also took home three more best-in-class honors in addition to these six top honors.


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