Brent Faiyaz latest Album ‘WASTELAND’ Featuring Drake, Tyler and more


It’s official: Brent Faiyaz has published WASTELAND, his follow-up to F*ck The World.

Lost Kids Llc./Venice/Stem

“GRAVITY,” “GHETTO GATSBY,” “WASTING TIME,” “JOONY,” “FYTB,” and “ADDICTIONS” are among the 19 tracks that make up the record, which is executive produced by Jonathan “Freeze” Wells and has guest performances from DJ Dahi, Tyler, the Creator, Alicia Keys, Drake, and The Neptunes. According to a press release, the album “centers the contrast between luxury and poverty, and the ways in which popularity leads to irresponsible conduct.”..

Download WASTELAND by Brent Faiyaz on Spotify or Apple Music.


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