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AWS is available to help you update your mainframe


AWS can assist you with mainframe system upgrades.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), enterprises may now run their mainframes on cloud-based runtime environments that are completely managed.

Businesses may now plan and perform migration and modernisation of their mainframes using the AWS Mainframe Modernization service.


Because many of the larger companies’ IT infrastructures rely heavily on mainframes hosted on on-premises servers, the service is available.

How does it all go?

AWS says the new service, which includes a network, load balancer, and log collecting tools like Amazon CloudWatch(opens in a new tab), can be deployed and managed for you, including the necessary network, load balancer, and log collection.

AWS promises that the new service would save users a great deal of time when building, testing, automating, and deploying their infrastructure by managing application versions, deployments, and high availability dependencies.


Managed infrastructure resources, such as AWS console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and application programming interfaces, are reportedly included in the fully managed runtime (APIs).

It is Amazon’s claim that these qualities will alleviate the burden of maintaining an extensive network.

Agile and DevOps practitioners, meanwhile, may be in for a treat.


Amazon CloudFormation(opens in new tab) templates allow you to establish continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines in accordance with AWS standards, and monitoring services are also installed to keep track of the runtime of your applications.

In terms of new functionality, AWS hasn’t been sluggish at all.

Dedicated server hosting is an area where Amazon Web Services (AWS) intends to put pressure on on-premises hardware suppliers with a new set of goods and services that enable tighter integration.


Because there are no up-front charges and third-party licence costs are included in the hourly pricing of Amazon’s services, the company claims that customers only pay for what they use.

It’s possible to use AWS’ Mainframe Modernization service if you’re located in one of the following AWS Regions: North Virginia in the US East; Oregon in the US West; Sydney in Asia Pacific; Ottawa in Canada’s central region; Frankfurt in Europe; Ireland in Europe; or South America’s So Paulo.

Costs start at $2.50 per hour for runtime environments for refactored programmes that use Blu Age


On the service pricing page, you’ll find all the pricing information (opens in new tab).

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