Apple’s 2024 OLED iPads found to be more thinner and lighter


Even while most reports have focused on the screen technology, ET News has a fresh piece with further information on the display panel production of Apple’s next-generation tablet series. Both Samsung and LG are expected to be the principal display suppliers for Apple’s forthcoming 2024 iPads, and both are rumored to be developing new OLED panels exclusively for those devices.

Manufacturers are now using gas chemicals to remove undesired material layers from the TFT circuit pattern surface during production, and this is known as “dry etching,” a new innovation in the manufacturing process. OLED panels may be made smaller and lighter thanks to this technique, which will reduce tablet sizes.

A more durable display panel is another goal of Apple’s display coating project. The first prototypes of Apple’s OLED iPads are apparently being tested by the company’s own engineers.


According to an earlier source, Apple is expected to adopt double-stacked OLED panels, which have two layers of light-emitting diodes, to boost brightness.

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