Apple Watch 8 Pro was estimated to cost $1,000


This year, Apple may introduce a “Pro” version of its Watch line.

In addition to the anticipated Apple Watch 8, Apple may also release a second watch this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman(opens in new tab) is a reputable source for tips about a new tough model that may be called the Appel Watch Pro.

According to Gurman, the new Pro model will join the normal Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE when they go on sale in the autumn.


According to latest Apple Watch 8 rumor, the device will gain a health sensor improvement, alerting users when they are experiencing symptoms of a fever. Also recently highlighted by experts like Gurman is Apple’s next-generation Watch 8, which may feature the largest display and greatest battery life ever.

Rumors about a tough Apple Watch have been swirling since last year’s release of the Apple Watch 7. Rumors suggest that the next generation of Apple Watches will arrive this year, and the device will be known as the Apple Watch Pro.

True, if this is the case, it would be in line with other goods, such as the more costly models of the MacBook, iPad, iPhone and AirPods Pro.


The “Pro” tier of the Apple Watch is coming, according to Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter: “Apple Inc. is preparing to offer the Apple Watch its ‘Pro’ tier,'” he writes.

This might indicate that Apple is preserving certain premium features, such as a higher pricing, for the Apple Watch Pro as it does for its other Pro devices. There have been reports of a larger screen, a larger battery, and a more robust case for the upcoming Apple Watch. However, Gurman has revealed some fresh information about the next watch model.

You may find out more about the speculated Apple Watch 8 Pro in the following paragraphs.


Apple Watch Pro features 

According to the latest rumors, the Pro edition of the Apple Watch is expected to be a more robust version of the popular wearable, aimed to appeal to athletes or others who engage in strenuous exercise. This is on par with what you’d get in a high-end Garmin sports watch.

Apple’s extreme sports wristwatch, according to the latest speculations, might have the company’s biggest wearable display to date. Depending on Gurman’s estimates, it may be as wide as 2 inches diagonally, which would make it rather large on the wrists. The next Apple Watch, according to display expert Ross Young(opens in new tab), would have a 1.99-inch screen, although Young did not clarify whether the watch will come in a ruggedized version.

The watch seems to have a number of long-lasting properties. Gurman claims that the watch’s screen will be more resistant to breakage, and that the whole design would be more substantial and tough. Apple may forgo the standard aluminum housing in favor of something more luxurious like Titanium.


Sports aficionados may have been waiting for the Apple Watch to become tougher and have a larger screen.

Longer battery life may be a benefit of a larger frame. We anticipate the forthcoming wearable to have a longer battery life, making it suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, while also addressing one of our major complaints about the Apple Watch.

Gurman also claims that the Apple Watch Pro will feature improved hiking and swimming tracking capabilities. As a result, Apple would be seriously considering taking on some of the top Garmin watches.


The S8 processor seen in the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 might also be found in the Apple Watch Pro.

Also expected is a health improvement that measures body temperature, which is expected for the Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch Pro.

‘Premium’ price tag for Apple Watch Pro

The Apple Watch 8 Pro may cost more than a basic Apple Watch because of the Pro designation. Originally, Gurman expected the pricing to be more than the $699 stainless steel Apple Watch, but he has now revised his estimate to $999. I wouldn’t be shocked if it begins at about $900 to $999 since the next high-end Apple Watch will have a somewhat bigger display with new sensors and higher-end materials,” he stated.


That’s the current price of an iPhone 13 Pro, which makes it much more costly than the Garmin fenix 7, our pick for the best sports watch overall.

Apple is definitely targeting serious fitness lovers and athletes at this price point. It’s possible that the Apple Watch Pro’s hefty price tag may not be justified. We’ll have to wait until the autumn, when Apple regularly unveils new wearables, to find out.

Gurman claims that Apple may also cancel the Apple Watch Edition. There are stainless steel variants that come in gold tone and titanium options that are no longer made by Apple, according to the author. Titanium-cased Apple Watch 7 45mm Edition is now available for $849. This might be Apple’s method of renaming the Edition series and creating a more professional range of products..


Apple Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Apple Watch Pro might debut at the same time as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Pro 5, which is expected to be released later this year. The ordinary Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 model and this one should both be available by the end of the month.

There have been a few rumors about a titanium casing and a more durable design for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which leaked last week.

Is it possible that Apple and Samsung’s professional watch models may face off against each other? We’ll find out very shortly. Choosing between the top smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch vs Garmin or the Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch, may become a difficult task.


We’ll have to wait and see whether the Apple Watch Pro differs much from the Apple Watch 8 in terms of design. However, with a bigger display, professional athletes will be able to see their data more clearly, as well as use GPS to navigate or monitor a route.

The Apple Watch line-up is about to undergo its most significant reorganization in years, and we’ll learn all the specifics in the coming months. Keep an eye on our hubs for the latest information on Apple’s wearables.


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