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Apple is working on a 30W charger – what does this imply for iPhone 14?


We’re hopeful that the iPhone 14 will benefit from a speedier charger.

Charging speed has been one area where Apple has fallen behind its rivals. Charging speeds for certain Android phones have reached as high as 240W, but not the iPhone 13. Despite this, according to a recent claim, Apple may be preparing to give a bump in charging.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple insider, the company is developing a new Gallium Nitride (GaN) battery. Kuo says that this charger would charge at up to 30W and have a whole new form factor.


Even if it’s not lightning-fast, it would be a substantial improvement over the present iPhone and iPad charging capabilities. Assuming that the charger is for an Apple mobile device despite Kuo’s lack of specificity,

After all, the most recent MacBook Pro models can use Apple’s 140W GaN chargers, yet they ship with a 67W or 96W charger. It’s pointless to provide them with a new 30W charger.

Whether or if future gadgets will be able to take full use of 30W charging rates remains to be seen. When users discovered that the Pixel 6 could only charge at a maximum of 21W, Google sparked a sensation.


However, there have been claims that the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max can charge at up to 27W unofficially. Many consumers aren’t aware of the difference in charging power between Apple’s 20W and 67W chargers. New 30W charging bricks will help make it official.

It’s impossible to predict what the iPhone 14 range can do, but even a 25W charge in the regular model is a step forward. Apple’s decision to sell a 30W charger while keeping its flagship smartphone at 20W would be an odd one, to say the least.

MagSafe might benefit from a much-needed speed boost from the quicker charging brick. This is another another example of how Apple’s wireless charging choices are lagging behind the competition.


This suspected charger’s release date is unknown. Even during the Apple Peek Performance event, there was no sign of it So be on the lookout.

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