What Is Quordle Answer And Hint For Today April 14 Thursday?


This is Quordle #80! And these are the solutions…

What Is Quordle Answer For Today April 14 Thursday?

Every day, a new Quordle challenge awaits you. Let’s begin with #80, which will be released on April 14, 2022! For more than three months, Quordle, a daily word puzzle game in which players must anticipate four five-letter words in nine attempts or less, has been available. It isn’t the first Wordle-inspired word game, but it appears to be the most popular at the moment. An article about Dordle, a game in which players must anticipate two five-letter syllables, inspired the game.

After a difficult start in late January, Quordle gained traction after being noted by prominent newspapers. There are approximately 2 million daily users and 15 million overall gamers. It’s one of the few word games that have a practice mode where you can complete as many puzzles as you want. On the other hand, only the daily mode puzzles contribute to your winning streak. A new Quordle is released every day at 12 a.m. local time, and you’ll discover all the details you need to answer today’s puzzle, Quordle 80, which was released on April 14, 2022.


What’s the Daily Quordle 78 Answer today?

  • Trend
  • Death
  • Lowly
  • Lusty

The solutions to today’s Quordle questions are, in my opinion, the simplest I’ve ever seen. All four words used are common, there are no strange letters, and the total number of letters used is significantly less than in many other games. LOWLY has a repeating L.

My three initial words had 12 of the 13 letters in today’s Quordle solutions, giving me a big edge in solving the puzzle.

I started with one of the finest Wordle start words, in this instance STARE, and then added DOILY and PUNCH to the mix. With the exception of LOWLY’s W, this provided me all of the letters from today’s replies. I was able to solve the puzzle with ease since there were already five letters in place for three of the solutions and three for the fourth.


Taking a glance at the screenshots above, it’s easy to see: As for LUSTY, DEATH, and TREND, all I had to do was figure out an anagram with the letters pre-fixed.

I found LOWLY to be a little more challenging since I hadn’t previously played the W. With so many letters in place (by now I had LO LY), it was rather simple to predict the answer, though. However, the Quordle gods shined on me today and I was able to solve the problem with two remaining guesses. Hopefully you’ve figured it out as well.


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