What iPad Do I Have: iPad serial number check (updated 2022)

The first thing you need to know is the model number of your iPad if you want to buy an accessory or sell an old iPad. Frequently, we are left wondering, “What iPad do I have?” For the purpose of purchasing compatible accessories, knowing iPad serial numbers is crucial. You can locate your iPad regardless of when it was released thanks to our list of every iPad ever produced, along with its generations and models.

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The iPad is a flexible gadget. It can be used for both business and play. There is no turning back to other devices once you have an iPad set up for work, whether it is corporate or production work.

70 percent of the professional world swears by its usefulness. Your iPad is uniquely identified by its serial number. And some of us have no idea what iPad model we have. but only briefly.


Finding out which iPad you have is a simple process. It is microscopically written on the body itself and is also accessible in your iPad’s settings. The answer to the query “What iPad do I have?” will be provided in detail.

What iPad Do I have? How to Find iPad Model Numbers?

What iPad Do I Have

Your iPad’s model number tells you what kind of iPad you own. To find the model number, you don’t even have to turn on your device; just look on the back of your iPad. Underneath the “iPad” engraving, you will see a very small print of your iPad model number. The number should start with the capital letter “A.”

If you don’t wanna stress your eyes reading the tiny print or if you are too lazy to take the cover off your device, you can use this method for iPad serial number lookup:

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Select General
  3. Tap About
  4.  In the Model Number section, you will see your iPad’s SKU number, which ends with “A.” Don’t confuse it with your iPad model number. Tap on this section to get a shorter number that starts with “A.” The answer to your “What iPad do I have” has been answered.
What iPad Do I Have

Now that you know your iPad’s model number, you can move forward to knowing what kind of iPad you have. 

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What Generation is My iPad? iPad Versions and iPad Model Numbers

What iPad Do I Have

If you are wondering, “What iPad do I have?” you also want to know what generation is your iPad. I have made charts of all the iPads launched to date and segregated them according to their generations. In these lists, you can look for your iPad’s model number and easily identify which version of the iPad you own.


iPad Generation and their Models 

iPad GenerationModel Number
1st GenerationA1219, A1337
2nd GenerationA1395, A1396, A1397
3rd GenerationA1403, A1416, A1430
4th GenerationA1458, A1459, A1460
5th GenerationA1822, A1823
6th GenerationA1893, A1954
7th GenerationA2197, A2200, A2198
8th GenerationA2270, A2428, A2429, A2430
9th GenerationA2602, A2604, A2603, A2605

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iPad Mini Generations and Their Model Numbers

iPad mini GenerationsModel Numbers
iPad mini 1A1432, A1454, A1455
iPad mini 2A1489, A1490, A1491
iPad mini 3A1599, A1600
iPad mini 4A1538, A1550
iPad mini 5A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125
iPad mini 6A2567, A2568, A2569

iPad Air Generations and Their Model Numbers

iPad Air GenerationsModel Numbers
iPad Air 1A1474, A1475, A1476
iPad Air 2A1566, A1567
iPad Air 3A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154
iPad Air 4A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072
iPad Air 5A2588, A2589, A2591

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iPad Pro Generations and Their Model Numbers

iPad Pro GenerationsModel Numbers
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 1st GenerationA1584, A1652
iPad Pro 9.7 inchA1673, A1674, A1675
iPad Pro 10.5 inchA1701, A1709
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd GenerationA1670, A1671
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 3rd GenerationA1876, A2014, A1895, A1983
iPad Pro 11 inch 1st GenerationA1980, A2013, A1934, A1979
iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd GenerationA2228, A2068, A2230, A2231
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th GenerationA2229, A2069, A2232, A2233
iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd GenerationA2377, A2459, A2301, A2460
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th GenerationA2378, A2461, A2379, A2462

What iPad Do I Have?

Wrapping Up

I hope the information I provided answered your question, “What iPad do I have?” It’s crucial to keep in mind that while there are iPads with the same name, they may be from various generations. You can go ahead and purchase the accessories for your new iPad once you are aware of the model number and generation. If you use your iPad for work, it’s always a good idea to keep it updated with the most recent features.


How to Find iPad Model Numbers?

Settings app > General > About 

In the Model Number section, you will see your iPad’s SKU number which ends with “A”. Don’t confuse it with your iPad model number. Tap on this section to get a shorter number that starts with “A”. You will get the iPad model number.

How do I know exactly which iPad I have?

All you have to do is go to Settings > General > About. The model number is in the top section.


How long should an iPad last?

According to Lifewire, five years is the standard lifespan of any iPad. 



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