Waffle: Trending Wordle jumble with a crossword puzzle these days


The Wordle formula has been reimagined in a very novel way.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

As the New York Times’ daily brain teaser has grown in popularity, Wordle substitutes are easy to come by. It’s time for a new word game.

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied while you’re waiting for your food to cook, Waffle is a great option. There are similarities between Wordle and Waffle in that they both use Wordle’s green and yellow colour codes, but Waffle also uses the interlocking words found in the newspaper’s famed crossword.


In lieu of a blank canvas, Waffle starts with a grid containing all conceivable letters in a variety of correct and incorrect positions. All six five-letter syllables (thus the name, which does not need an unnecessary -le suffix) are laid out in a waffle pattern. To make the whole board green, just drag and drop letters from one word to the next.

You’ll learn through trial and error, but you only have 15 movements to work with, and each problem may be solved in only 10. You earn more stars by getting closer to the ideal game, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

While I managed to complete my first try with two rounds to spare, I was only awarded two points for my efforts because of this. As a result of this cunning turn of events, you’ll be motivated to play again tomorrow, not just for the sake of extending your winning streak but also to demonstrate your ability to grow and one day achieve the elusive five-star rating.


Upon completion of the grid, the dictionary definitions for each of the words in that day’s puzzle are shown underneath the game board. The meaning and pronunciation of words like “ERGOT” may be found here, in addition to the word itself.

While the Wordle ancestry is still evident, Waffle stands on its own as a standout experience on the web. Although the colorscheme and daily cycle are used in the same way in all of the Wordle clones that have come out, the gameplay is radically different here.

Because of this, it can sit proudly with titles that pay homage to the original while also challenging players to think in new ways, including Heardle, Worldle, Who Are Ya? and Framed I highly encourage you to include Waffle in your next cup of coffee. After that, as well.


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