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Sony predicts a huge production jump for PS5 restocks


Previously unheard of levels

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Despite all of this, it’s still quite difficult to acquire a PlayStation 5. There hasn’t been any improvement in the problem despite promises and restocks, and it’s still tough to find one. Sony, on the other hand, has promised to increase manufacturing to levels “never achieved before” in the future.

It was verified by Sony at a meeting with investors(opens in new tab) that getting ahead of PS5 demand is one of its top priorities. This includes increasing manufacture of new consoles. This year, Sony has stated that it hopes to bridge the gap between sales of its PS4 and PS5 consoles.


Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, Sony blamed supply chain concerns for the PS5 scarcity. The company was unable to create as many consoles as it would have liked because of the difficulty in obtaining processors and other necessary components.

Sony, on the other hand, anticipates that supply chain concerns will resolve, which will lead to more PS5 manufacturing. It’s possible that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could have an influence on parts availability. However, Sony is looking to diversify its supplier base “for more adaptability in unpredictable market situations” in order to avoid potential complications.

PlayStation 5 will exceed the PS4 in sales next year, says Sony CEO Jim Ryan. After the initial ramp-up, he confirmed that console output will be increased substantially to new highs. As a result, getting a PS5 may become much easier in the future as Sony continues to flood the market.


Not only is that, but the demand is out of control. While it is slightly easier to snag a console in a PS5 replenishment, it still requires individuals to follow numerous trackers and be ready to buy as soon as stock arises.

The PS5 demand is backed up by Sony’s numbers as well. In its first fiscal year, Sony sold 80,000 PS5 units in 82 minutes. During the first fiscal year of the PS4, the same number of PS4s were sold in nine days. If PS5 supplies weren’t so tight, you have to wonder how well the console would be selling.

Let’s hope we’ve reached a tipping point and the PS5 is now widely available. Then again, considering how many times console manufacturers have pledged to control demand, only to fail, I know that I won’t trust it until it actually happens.


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