Samsung says no to built-in S Pen in Galaxy Z Fold 4


According to a leaker, the S Pen will not fit inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Galaxy Z Fold and S Pen from Samsung seem like they were created for each other. Big thoughts and hefty papers may be sketched and annotated on the huge, tablet-like display.

Samsung definitely agrees, as seen by the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s S-Pen compatibility from last year. For starters, the S-Pen is an optional device, and there’s no place to actually put it away when it’s not in use. If you don’t want to risk losing it, you’ll have to purchase a large and unappealing case to keep it safe.


Many people’s wish lists include adding an S-Pen slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which seems like it should be a key priority. If Ice Universe is true, it seems that their desires will not be granted.

There is no S Pen incorporated inside the Galaxy Z Fold4, according to the source. In terms of size and thickness, “Fold4” will be reduced. This is accurate. Bricks don’t appeal to anybody.

While it’s not clear why Samsung chose not to include a S Pen dock, which would have made the gadget even more bulky, it seems that the firm prefered to focus on making the foldable slimmer.


The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s greatest flaw, according to many, is the lack of a charging port. The majority of individuals we showed it to said it was too thick and heavy to be used as their primary phone, despite how great it was.

Samsung’s estimate may be accurate from a commercial standpoint. S Pen compatibility may not be as important to Samsung’s prospective customers as mobility. If most people don’t care either way about the S Pen, then adding more weight to a gadget in order to please a minority is a bad idea.

The S Pen is also an optional accessory, which has its advantages. Since Samsung wants to keep the price of their foldable phones as low as possible to encourage their widespread use, included one in every package is a no-brainer.

According to rumours, this year’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to include improved cameras that are comparable to those seen in the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only phone in its portfolio with a S Pen holster, at least for the time being. Keep an eye on things


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