Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rumored to put back Classic


Two variants were available: one with a standard bezel and the other with a rotating one, which let users to interact with programmes in a different manner than on the standard model.

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SamMobile reports that Samsung won’t do this again with the Galaxy Watch 5, which will drop the Classic moniker in favour of a Pro version. According to rumours, the Galaxy Watch 4 Pro will have a battery capacity of 572mAh, which is a huge jump over the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4’s 361mAh battery and a 60% boost in battery life.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro features a 309 mAh battery, which is much larger than the current top smartwatch, according to teardowns. As for the Apple Watch 8, we don’t know what Apple has in store.


Is this a sign that the rotating bezel is a thing of the past? A feature that has been well-received by both fans and critics alike is unlikely to be dropped by Samsung, according to SamMobile’s report.

This is most likely a simple matter of corporate identity, in my opinion.

This is a matter of brand identity for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

With wearables, Samsung has struggled to hold to its branding guns. Before adopting “Galaxy Watch” for a more evident relationship to its best-selling smartphone series, Samsung promoted their smartwatches under the “Gear” label between 2013 and 2017.


Although the two brands, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch, weren’t usually introduced together, things were still a little murky. Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 series is effectively a hybrid of the two, combining the “Classic” and “Standard” models into one device.

As a result of the company’s uncertain past, I believe this is merely another rebrand. If you don’t know anything about Samsung’s wearable history, “Classic” doesn’t actually mean anything to you, but “Pro” means something to everyone. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may be a straight replacement for Classic, with its rotating bezel and everything.

To be fair, there are a variety of conceivable reasons for the large battery: it might be to compensate for additional health sensors, geared at adventurers who require the GPS to stay on for longer, or it could just be an improvement over last generation’s endurance. In other cases, Samsung’s sales data suggests that purchasers prefer large, heavy gadgets.


No one knows for sure yet. It’s possible that the new wearables may debut in August, potentially with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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