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Samsung Galaxy S22 FE just reported cancelled


No space in Samsung’s range for a flagship that isn’t the most powerful model available.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. (Source: Business Standard News)

Don’t start thinking about the Galaxy S22 FE just yet. It won’t exist. The Galaxy S21 FE may be the last Samsung device to sacrifice some features in favor of a cheaper price point than the Galaxy S flagship.

At least that’s what Sammobile has to say. Website claims many sources are claiming that Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S22-FE, has been cancelled in a fresh report.


SM-S900, the model number for the Galaxy S22 FE, does not exist, according to Sammobile’s investigation.

There have been rumors about the Galaxy S22 FE’s uncertain future before. When it comes to this year’s premium Galaxy S22 phones, Naver also reported in April that a lower-cost version of the devices was already dead.

At this point in time, it would be more surprising if Samsung decided to scrap the Galaxy S22 FE than if they decided to abandon the project altogether. In light of Samsung’s efforts to keep flagship phone prices in check while simultaneously enhancing its Galaxy A series, there is no justification for the FE model to exist.


A brief history of Samsung’s FE phones

The Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung’s first FE phone, was a huge hit in 2020, giving many of the main features of the Galaxy S20 family at a cheaper price point. Choosing the Galaxy S20 FE over the regular S20 model means you get a phone with a lower-quality build, but other aspects remain the same — namely the fast refresh rate for its display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. For many shoppers, the lower-priced S20 FE was the obvious choice.

Of course, the FE and basic Galaxy S models had a significantly larger pricing disparity at the time. Compared to the original Galaxy S20, the $699 Galaxy S20 FE allowed you to save $300 without making any major tradeoffs.

The price of Samsung’s flagship phones has since improved. Just $100 more than the $699 price Samsung had set for its FE versions, the Galaxy S21 and S22 debuted at $799. As a result, the case for going with FE is now weaker.


The Galaxy S21 FE’s release date is also an issue. The Covid-19 epidemic is believed to have put down the launch of that model. Due to the Galaxy S21 FE’s early-2021 debut, it didn’t arrive for another six months or so. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 flagship just a month later, and it was already being replaced by a more powerful model.

Galaxy A phones fill the gap

S22 pricing and launch window pressured the FE models from above, while Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A phones were pressing them from the bottom up.” In recent years, Samsung has made an attempt to produce better midrange devices, cramming in a slew of high-end features at a fair price point.

This year’s Galaxy A53 is an excellent illustration of this. In addition to the superb software and 120Hz refresh rate that you’ve come to expect from the Galaxy S range, this model has some interesting extras like expandable storage. For $449, you get a gadget that costs $250 less than the Galaxy S21 FE. For now, the Galaxy A53 is our favorite low-cost smartphone, at least until we get our hands on the Pixel 6a.


There is simply no room for a FE model in the finest Samsung phones, which have great options at both high and midrange rates, unless Samsung drastically reinvents what the purpose of a FE smartphone should be. A more affordable alternative to Samsung’s premium flagships has been the FE for the past two versions, but that role has now been taken over by some of the more capable Galaxy A models.

The fact that so few people appear to care about the Galaxy S22 FE is maybe the strongest case against it. And that’s why Samsung is shifting its focus to other devices.


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