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Rumored PS5 Slim just got built — but there’s a major catch


To make a PS5 Slim, Sony may use the following blueprints.

(Image credit: DIY Perks)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or hater of the PS5’s appearance; even the mammoth Xbox Series X looks little in comparison. Nonetheless, a YouTuber has demonstrated that a thinner PlayStation 5 is achievable.

Incredibly, the PS5 has been reduced to a 2 cm (0.7 inches) tall rectangular console by DIY Perks(opens in a new tab). Everything appears to be sleek and simple, making it much easier to incorporate into a home entertainment system.


For the sake of making a thinner PS5, it would be necessary to remove the external power supply and water cooling system combination, which were essential to developing a PS5 with no risk of overheating. However, DIY Perks observed that their PS5 Slim ran cooler than the original PS5, at least according to their testing. That’s really cool.

Additionally, the film provides a fascinating look at some clever engineering, such as the use of liquid metal thermal paste on the PS5’s main chip to maintain its temperature.

It’s not going to be an at-home project, as it demands a considerable deal of talent and expensive materials that are roughly the cost of a new PlayStation 5.


It’s encouraging to see Sony considering a more compact PS5 in the future, though.

Is it going to be as thin as the DIY Perks system? It’s probably not going to happen. The PS5 Slim, if it ever exists, is likely to have been created using a more efficient chipset that consumes less power and generates less heat, allowing it to be housed in a smaller case.

Those who have smaller living spaces, such as apartments, may prefer the PS5 Slim, but those who need more power may opt for the PS5 Pro. In the past, a more powerful games console capable of running 4K at 60 frames per second or more has been mentioned. However, component shortages mean that a Slim or Pro PS5 is unlikely to be released any time soon.


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