How to Reduce WordPress Website Loading Time Up to 2 Seconds?

Whether running an eCommerce store or a WordPress website for blogging, the website’s loading speed always matters. According to many researchers, most users don’t wait over five seconds for websites to load. Instead, they close the tab and find a better alternative to that particular website. Therefore, when it comes to the loading time of websites, even Nano-seconds matter a lot.


If you believe your website has the best interface and content and is still lacking in getting a lot of traffic, you should check its loading speed. If the issue is with the website speed, resolve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your efforts will offer you nothing in return except disappointment.

In case you don’t know how to reduce a WordPress website’s loading speed, read this article. It will introduce you to some tips and tricks that can reduce the loading time of your website up to 2 seconds.


So, let’s start!

Optimize Images

Images are the essential parts of almost every website. Some websites are filled with graphical data, which ultimately enhances the loading time. The problem is that images are sometimes heavier in size than other kinds of data, including text, embedded links, and HTML files. The reason? Web admins cannot compromise on the quality of the images, as high-quality images are essential to provide a better user experience.

However, the heavy-sized images can gradually increase the loading time, ultimately enhancing the bounce rate. To make your website lighter and more swift, you must optimize images before uploading them to your website. Here is a simple and quick way to optimize images, compress the size of those images!


Many image compressor tools like have been developed to even compress image to 50kb without affecting the quality. Besides, those kinds of tools are free to use for everyone. So, there is no need to compromise your website’s loading speed when you have a simple solution. 

Change the Hosting Services Provider

Hundreds of big and small companies are offering website hosting services. However, remember that not all of them are reliable. The newbies in the business often fall into the trap of the companies that provide hosting services at the lowest rates. Although web owners save a considerable amount by getting their services, those services cost them more than they can imagine.  

If you have already tried multiple tricks to reduce loading time, they all provided nothing. Now is the time to change hosting service providers and select a hosting company that offers the best speed. There are huge chances that the hosting company’s servers are insufficient to bear the traffic load.


Decrease the Number of Redirects

The redirecting method is occasionally essential for websites when they don’t have other options. This method can help website owners to keep providing a better user experience. However, a massive amount of redirects can slow down the websites. That’s why you must not create a lot of redirect links. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of traffic.

Google and many big names in the website industry suggest that website owners eliminate redirects. However, they become essential sometimes to fix broken links. That’s why eliminating them becomes a bit tough. However, you can reduce them to a minimum level by appropriately structuring your website from day one.

Utilize Browser Caching Method

Enabling browser caching is another excellent way to speed up your website. When you enable it, you allow browsers to store some information related to your websites. That information may include images, script files, and some other data. When browsers store that data, they don’t need to fetch the files or data every time a user visits that particular website or web page.


You would have experienced that the websites you regularly visit take less time to load than those you see for the first time. It all happens due to this method. Multiple WordPress plugins can help you enable browser caching. It can help if you utilize them to improve websites’ loading speed.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Plugins

Sometimes web owners add some plugins that they believe are helpful, but they aren’t. Those plugins work like Trojan Horses. Instead of improving multiple functions, those plugins slow down the websites. If such plugins are added to your website, remove them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of visitors due to the high loading time.

To Conclude

Building a WordPress website is easy, but running it is tricky. Website owners regularly face different issues, and loading time is one of them. Resolving the loading time problem isn’t complicated as well. However, web owners need to know the ways to reduce it. This article has discussed the ways they can utilize to make their websites faster than ever.




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