Police use AirTag to track and arrest a robbery suspect


Using Apple’s AirTag monitoring gadget, police in Portland were able to track down a second-time armed robber who had picked up the tracking device during the first robbery attempt.

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On Thursday, an armed robbery occurred in Portland, Oregon, where a business was robbed. An employee at the store was threatened with a gun by Justin Johnston, who then stole the victim’s phone and wallet.

It was possible to utilise the phone in the area of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Pine Street, where surveillance video showed him entering and leaving the Embassy Suites Hotel, to locate him, according to KATU2. The suspect returned to the hotel later that day, according to a call from the hotel security department to the police.


When police tried to arrest the guy, he fled into the hotel and triggered the fire alarm before he could be apprehended. The cops uncovered a phoney firearm in the fire escape during their investigations.

Fortunately, a hotel visitor called the police to report that someone had broken into his room and taken many goods, one of which was a “distinct backpack” with an AirTag attached to it.

An additional chase ensued before Johnson was apprehended thanks to the usage of the AirTag.


Johnson has been charged with second-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

This is the most recent instance in which AirTag has proven to be incredibly beneficial. A $7,000 worth of photography equipment was recovered in Australia on May 9 thanks to the help of AirTag.

As a result of this, the item has drawn attention from lawmakers, who are concerned about the possibility of stalkers using them.


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