Osom teases the OV1 smartphone’s front with its Privacy Cable


OV1 smartphone maker Osom Privacy has released a new teaser video. Osom, a privacy-focused brand, is collaborating with the same team of engineers who produced the Essential PH-1 to build a privacy-focused smartphone.

The first picture of the device’s front can be seen with the USB-C Privacy Cable that we saw earlier this week. On this connection, there is a physical switch that allows the user to switch between data and power.

For the first time, the OV1 phone’s front has been seen in this photograph. On the sides, we can see the smartphone has small bezels, but the bottom bezel is bigger than the upper one. What applications are pre-installed on the phone is also shown. The default browser seems to be Brave, and the default messaging app appears to be Signal, in addition to what appears to be Osom’s privacy app. We’d want to know whether the app has a built-in SMS app.


When Osom revealed some details about the OV1’s construction materials and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 successor that it will use, we learnt about the company’s Privacy Cable. Steel, ceramic and glass will be used to build the phone. “Beyond all-day battery” and a price tag under $1000 are the main features of this phone.

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