Montblanc Summit 3 Wear OS 3.0 will work with iOS


It’s still unclear how Wear OS is doing. We anticipate a new Google Pixel Watch running Wear OS 3 because Google promised an update. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 versions from last year were the only Wear OS 3 wearables available for a period, and they marked the first time that Samsung’s Watches were no longer compatible with iOS. We therefore assumed that Wear OS 3 smartwatches would no longer be designed with iPhone users in mind.

With the latest information from Wareable, however, this is not the case. According to a Qualcomm official, the recently unveiled Montblanc Summit 3 is compatible with iOS. Since the news is not coming from a Montblanc official source, we would proceed with caution (for the time being). The Snapdragon Wear 4100+ is the device that powers the Summit 3.

Although some functionalities of Wear OS are restricted owing to incompatibility with iPhones, Wear OS has historically been compatible with them. Because Samsung’s Tizen-powered watches had historically supported iOS as well, we were led to believe Wear OS 3 was the cause when the company first announced the Watch 4 with the newly unified Wear OS.


Along with supporting Android devices, smartwatch companies like Fossil and Montblanc seek to appeal to their customers who own iPhones. Samsung had the option to make iOS support available, but declined to do so. Although it is unknown if the Pixel Watch will support iOS, it appears that each Wear OS smartwatch manufacturer will be in charge of deciding whether or not their products will work with iPhones.

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