iPhone SE 2022: How to save a lot of money on essential accessories


Everything from cases to wireless pads may be reused.

An iPhone SE 2022, for example, will set you back a hefty sum if you decide to get it, not because of the device’s high base price, but rather because of the plethora of accessories you’ll need, including as a case, portable charger, and headphones.

For those who are considering the iPhone SE 3 discounts, you may save a lot of money by switching from the iPhone SE 2, iPhone 7 or 8 to the newer model.


Apple adopted the same design for its previous iPhone, which was based on a design it used for some of its main-series iPhones some years ago.

All of these devices have the same form factor, including the same camera bump and Lightning Port.

Since most iPhone 8 cases will fit the new iPhone SE, even if you’re swapping phones, you can keep using your favourite case.


This iPhone SE Silicone Case from Apple’s website is a good example. The second and third-generation SE iPhones, as well as the seventh and eighth-generation iPhones, are all included under the “Compatibility” section.

To avoid paying the “new phone” tax that some merchants impose on new items, it’s advisable to look for iPhone 7 cases instead of the ones listed here. If you’re interested in a brand-new case, check out our list of the top iPhone SE covers.

Other accessories, like as wallet folios, wired and wireless chargers, and headphones, are also cross-compatible, so if you’re upgrading from one of the aforementioned devices, you may be able to save some money.


However, if you own a different model of iPhone or Android, you’re out of luck. There are certain Apple consumers who will like this, and it’s something that isn’t anticipated in the smartphone industry, so it’s not the end of the world.

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