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IceUniverse: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 crease will be smaller


Two months from now, Samsung’s fourth generation of foldables will be available, and rumours suggest a new hinge for both the Flip and the Fold models. IceUniverse, a leaker who published photographs of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 cases a few days ago, said that the images showed a revised hinge mechanism.

To this, The Cat has now added fresh information, revealing that the Z Flip4’s screen crease will be significantly thinner than that of the Z Flip3. “I believe that most people will be satisfied,” the leaker continues.

A foldable phone’s crease is a noticeable flaw. Folding and unfolding the screen over and over again creates something unique, which you become used to quickly. A narrower crease may indicate that less strain is being placed on the display, resulting in longer display life.


Even though they are anticipated to be released in August, we already have a good idea of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4. With 8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of storage, the new Flip is still using a premium chipset, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. According to leaks, at least.

FHD+ and 120Hz refresh rates will be maintained on the internal display’s 6.7″ diagonal. External displays are expected to be significantly larger, but the camera configuration is expected to remain unchanged (12MP+12MP).

If you’re interested in learning more about the Galaxy Z Fold4, cover photographs show that the phone’s hinge and screen aspect ratio have been dramatically altered. Additional specifications are available here.


Since the Z Flip3 was the most popular foldable in the first three months of this year, and the Z Fold3 was the second most popular, there is a lot of pressure on the fourth generation.

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