Google Pixel Watch battery life may disappoint you


The Google Pixel Watch’s battery life may be limited to a single day.

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Much remains unknown about the Google Pixel Watch, which is expected to be released sometime in the autumn. The battery of the smartwatch may have been exposed in some new rumours, but they don’t seem that exciting.

A Pixel Watch battery capacity of “slightly around 300 mAh” has been reported by 9to5Google(opens in new tab). This isn’t a huge difference between the 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 models, each of which has a battery capacity of 247 mAh and 361 mAh.


According to this speculation, the Pixel Watch might fall somewhat short of Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch 7. They come with a battery of 303.8 mAh and 309 mAh, respectively, according to iFixit’s teardown[opens in new tab].

Google wants the Pixel Watch to last a full day, according to the source. If you’re searching for a watch that’s stylish but doesn’t compromise on functionality, this is the one for you.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what circumstances must be satisfied in order to get through the entire day on one charge. An always-on display, for example, or prolonged workouts or GPS usage, may cause the battery to drain more quickly.


We may be looking at a battery life of less than 24 hours if the Pixel Watch’s consumption is similar to that of the Apple Watch 7. A two-day battery life is possible with the latest Apple wearable despite the fact that most of its functionalities are omitted. In our tests, the watch lasted about 18 hours with the always-on display, daily tracking, and answering some calls.

Apple Watch 7 can charge to 80 percent capacity in 45 minutes and 100 percent capacity in 75 minutes when using a 20W charger and USB-C connection. That’s a 33% improvement over the prior design. Fossil Gen 6 with a 300 mAh battery can get to 80 percent in half an hour while running Wear OS.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch won’t be able to charge as quickly. The magnetic charger is said to take more than 110 minutes to recharge a Galaxy Watch 4, despite the fact that it doesn’t support rapid charging.


These two numbers aren’t catastrophic, but the fact that they’re so frequent in smartwatches and wearables makes them particularly irritating. A watch that requires nightly charging prevents the use of sleep monitoring capabilities and recharges slowly prevents fast top-ups for the duration of the night.

Preliminary estimates for the Pixel Watch’s retail price may change when the final item goes on sale in stores.


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