Galaxy Watch 5 Pro tipped to use titanium and sapphire glass


Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be tough and expensive, but it’s worth the money.

The ‘Pro’ model of the Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to come in two or three versions, depending on how many watches Samsung decides to release. A large 572 mAh battery was the only indication that this wearable was a “Pro,” but now Ice Universe claims that the device’s build quality could also play a significant role in that categorisation.

Ice Universe tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have both a titanium frame and sapphire glass in a very sudden manner. A watch that is resistant to bumps, scratches, and dings with a luxury look is what both of these points indicate, but the real concern is how this will affect the price.


There are a few high-end smartwatches with sapphire screens from the likes of Tag Heuer, but since 2015’s Huawei Watch, there hasn’t been a mainstream Wear OS device with it.

As of this writing, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $300 compared to $350 in 2015, which isn’t much of a difference when you consider seven years of inflation, a processor scarcity and the fact that Samsung often prices its goods higher than Huawei. As a result, this could end up costing an arm and a leg.

In addition, the 572mAh battery report is worth revisiting, as it signals a huge watch — which will increase the price even further. Because of its larger battery, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is rumoured to feature a titanium chassis. This lighter metal could make the watch more pleasant to wear for longer periods of time.


“Pro does not have tiny bezels,” Ice Universe said, adding that the bezels are “even a bit big.”

Is this a sign that the rotating bezel isn’t gone, but has been moved to the Pro model? For sure we’ll find out when Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 family is launched this fall along with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.


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