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Dead Space remake has been given a release date of ‘early 2023’


In a developer-focused live webcast, Dead Space

(Image credit: EA)

EA Motive has said that their Dead Space remake would be released in “early” 2023.

Release dates were announced in a recent development webcast. When questioned about the “final, final, final version” of the game, senior producer Philippe Ducharme said the team is “really only a few of weeks away from being able to perform our first complete walkthrough” of the pre-alpha build.


In an interview, Ducharme said that the company is aiming for a release date of “early next year” and that the game would be “expanding on the expectations of fans”.

There is a more concrete release date in mind for the game, but Motive isn’t ready to reveal it just yet, says Ducharme.

We feel we’ll be in a good position to conduct the right polish and debug, and we’re on track to make our target date, but I’ll say ‘early next year’ for the time being.


As previously reported by VentureBeat writer Jeff Grubb, EA had shifted its internal goal date for the game’s release from October 2022 to October 2023 after “initially exploring” an October 2022 timetable that had never been publicly stated.

There’s also some early gameplay video and a look at how the audio design for the Dead Space remake is being utilised to create a more atmospheric, immersive experience throughout the almost hour-long broadcast.

Of special note here is the game’s “all components of Isaac’s respiration and heart rate, vocal excursions and conversation affected by a number of driving gameplay aspects” A.L.I.V.E system.


It stands for adrenaline, limbic system response, intelligent dialogue, vitals, and exhaustion when broken down. It improves on the original’s great sound design by giving Isaac, the protagonist, a more natural voice. If the player is exhausted or in a low-health condition, Isaac’s breathing and written conversation will be altered in order to better depict his current state.

Another Dead Space development update will be released in May, when the team will be focusing their attention on the game’s graphic design. The Dead Space reboot will be playable on PS5, Xbox X/S, and PC when it launches early next year.

According to my analysis, this is a good thing

An EA Motive webcast in August 2021 discussed the game’s reimagining for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC reboots, and this recent update expands on that discussion. The ‘dynamic skin peeling mechanism,’ which is exactly what it sounds like, was one of the highlights of that broadcast.


It’s obvious in these EA Motive development updates that the firm is putting so much effort into this remake of Dead Space. However, instead of just polishing the original, the company looks intent on improving upon it, staying true to the original while using cutting-edge technology to implement significant modifications that will enhance the game’s ambiance and immersion.

For EA Motive, the development livestreams are working quite well in conveying information about the game’s current production stage and the studio’s goals for it. A release date has yet to be confirmed, but the team’s reluctance to do so is reasonable. Dead Space fans may now look forward to early 2023 as a possible release date.


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