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Chrome wants to take over more of your iPhone


When it comes to password management on the iPhone, Chrome has turned its ugly head.

The Chrome app for iOS is getting five new features from Google today. Google Password Manager, which is already available on the Chrome Mac app, will be added to the iPhone version.

If a user prefers to use Chrome instead of Safari for password management, they can. They may then use Google Password Manager on their iPhones to generate, store, and autofill passwords for a variety of websites and apps.


You may use Google Password Manager on your PC or Android phone because it is already part of Chrome. As an iOS Autofill provider, Chrome can help you generate, store, and fill in your passwords fast and securely on any website or app.

It’s nothing new to switch password managers on an iPhone. It’s already possible to use apps like LastPass and 1Password on iOS. Chrome has finally been added to the list by Google.

Enhanced Safe Browsing, a new feature for Chrome for iOS, will alert users if they attempt to access harmful websites.


There are a number of ways to protect yourself from online risks, including Enhanced Safe Browsing. We’re now bringing it to iOS as well. If you enable Enhanced Safe Browsing on your iPhone or iPad, Chrome sends information about potentially dangerous web pages to Google Safe Browsing, where they are analyzed and flagged. A third-party data breach can cause Chrome to alert you when you enter your login and password into a website. As a result, Chrome will propose that you update them across the board.

On Google’s blog, you can see all of the features.

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