Apple Magic Mouse is now available in black


The port for charging remains at the same illogical location.

At Apple’s event yesterday, a slew of new products were announced, including a Magic Mouse and other black-colored peripherals. The Magic Mouse’s main design problem hasn’t changed in six years, despite its age.

There have been many mistakes along the line when it comes to Apple’s emphasis on smart design. Mistakes that Apple frequently seems unwilling to accept and remedy, such as the disastrous Butterfly keyboard, the TouchBar, or the Magic Mouse’s inability to be recharged while in use.


The new black Magic Mouse, as pointed out by The Verge, is nothing more than a recolored version of the first device introduced in the latter part of 2015. If you run out of juice, you’ll have no choice except to turn the phone over and put in a Lightning cable. USB-C hasn’t been added to the list of supported ports.

You can’t use the Magic Mouse till it’s recharging, which is obvious. A large cable protrudes from the underside, as if it had been a struggling turtle.

The wireless mouse market isn’t dominated only by Apple. A charging connector on the front of some of the finest mice allows them to be recharged while in use. When you connect them in, they’re almost indistinguishable from a wired mouse in terms of functionality.


Think about what might have happened if Apple had made a mouse with a USB charging port on its bottom.

If this is the business that subsequently added a Lightning connector, rather than a socket, to the original Apple Pencil, then it’s understandable. If you wanted to use a Lightning cable to connect it, you’d need an adaptor.

The initial design of the Pencil has been retained and is still in use on lower-cost iPad devices, although it has been corrected in the second generation.


Although the Magic Mouse battery claims a month of usage, it’s not like it has to be recharged often. There are still occasions when you forget to plug it in and the battery dies when you really need it.

I think it’s about time that Apple finally addressed this issue once and for all. When it comes to introducing a new version of the Magic Mouse, Apple has a chance to reposition the charging port in the process.


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