Amazon Prime Early Access sale: Everything we know about Prime Day 2

Prepare for an additional Prime Day in October.

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The Amazon Prime Early Access offer is coming, so be ready. Since June, there have been online rumours about a second Prime Day. Additionally, proposals about a significant shopping event that Amazon is dubbing the Prime Early Access offer have come to Tom’s Guide.

According the pitches we’ve received, the event is supposed to occur around the middle of October. Besides that, not much is known about this incident. The first-ever Epic Daily Deals event was launched by Amazon in October of last year and lasted the full month. Customers might benefit from Amazon sales on technology, furniture, clothing, and kitchen equipment.


The Prime Early Access sale may serve as a prelude to the holidays, especially because Black Friday bargains start earlier each year. Here is what we currently know about the alleged fall event from Amazon.

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What is the Amazon Prime Early Access sale?

The Amazon Prime Early Access sale is the fall version of Prime Day. Although full details of the event aren’t known, based on last year’s Epic Daily Deals event, it’s likely we’ll see sitewide deals on consumer electronics, apparel, kitchen appliances, toys and more. 


What are the Prime Early Access sale dates?

A marketing pitch we received at Tom’s Guide suggests that the Prime Early Access sale will begin in mid-October. So although last year’s event lasted from October 1 through October 31, it appears that the the Prime Early Access sale will last a shorter period of time. 

Who can shop the Amazon Prime Early Access sale? 

Last year’s Epic Daily Deals event was open to all shoppers. However, the Prime Early Access sale implies this year’s sale could be exclusively for Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free Prime membership trial that will last 30 days.

Will the Prime Early Access deals be any good? 

Without actually seeing the bargains, it’s difficult to predict how fantastic the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale will be. Having said that, Amazon is renowned for providing good bargains on significant shopping occasions. However, we constantly advise customers to exercise care because every shop occasionally offers phoney discounts or exaggerates the value of its offers. Therefore, we advise you to constantly use the website CamelCamelCamel to compare prices on bargains. You may follow the price development of certain products sold on the website. Additionally, you may read our article on how to use CamelCamelCamel to save money on Amazon. The Tom’s Guide staff will also highlight the greatest discounts during the reported Amazon event.


Will there be alternative Prime Early Access sales?

Given the secrecy behind the Prime Early Access sale, it’s unlikely that other retailers will offer competing sales. However, in the past we’ve seen retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy price match Amazon. Although nothing is confirmed, we’ll be keeping an eye on Amazon’s biggest competitors to see if any of them launch alternate sales. 

How to prepare for Prime Early Access sale

  • Given its name — it’s likely Amazon’s October sale will be a Prime member-only event. If you you’re not a Prime member, you can wait for Amazon to confirm the event and then sign up for a free Prime membership. The free trial lasts 30 days, which should be more than enough time to take advantage of Amazon’s sale. 
  • Don’t buy any Amazon devices just yet. As we’ve seen during Prime Day, Amazon loves to offer sales on its own gear (e.g. Echo Dot, Kindle Paperwhite). We suggest waiting until the Prime Early Access sale begins to make any Amazon hardware purchases. 

Can I get a free Amazon Prime membership?

You may benefit from the retailer’s free Amazon Prime trials if you aren’t a Prime member. If you’re a student, you may join up for a free 6-month trial or a free 30-day trial. EBT and government aid recipients can also join up for a free 30-day trial and receive 50% off their subscription if they decide to retain it.




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