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This insidious Android app is stealing banking info — delete it now

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Following the recent discovery of five Android apps that record your screen while banking, another has managed to slip through Google’s anti-malware net and operates in an equally harmful manner.

If you have the “ToDo: Day Manager” app installed on your Android phone, uninstall it right now. According to Zscaler, a renowned cloud security business, and as reported by Laptop Mag(opens in new tab), it is one of 50+ apps identified as ‘Trojan droppers’ by its Techlabz team.

How does the Xenomorph Trojan work? 

ToDo: Day Manager, despite masquerading as a harmless planning programme, instals a particularly deadly trojan known as the Xenomorph. The programme, which has over 1,000 downloads, requests broad rights from your device and instals itself as an admin, refusing to give up access.

Those who accept will very certainly have had their banking information hacked, as this is what has been discovered to be prioritised (although it also can access your SMS and other messages). The Xenomorph will steal your login information by overlaying bogus login panels onto your banking apps.

The Xenomorph trojan is remarkably similar to the Coper banking trojan that was discovered a few months ago, with the Techlabz team discovering it also “sourced its malware payload from the Github repo.” 

What can I do to protect myself? 

Thankfully, Google has deleted the programme from the Google Play Store, but this is far from the company’s first security breach. As users, we must be aware of the warning signs of questionable apps.

A frequent precaution is to never grant permissions to an unknown programme, especially if it appears irrelevant to the function it provides. Why would a calendar app, for example, need access to your camera or messages?

Although it can be inconvenient, choosing different passwords for each login is an important element of cybersecurity and staying safe. We recommend utilising one of the finest password managers and creating unique, strong passwords for each user.

If you like, you can also download one of the top Android antivirus apps.

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