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Safety Tips to Keep You Safe When Using Your Smartphone: Checklist for Online Safety

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Most people hardly realize how much information they share from their smartphones; it could be taking photos while they travel, searching for items online, ordering food, or even connecting with new people. Every single bit of information is easy to track thanks to location sharing. Tech experts say that location sharing has never been this easy. Unfortunately, location-tracking features have brought controversy as the need for online privacy increases. These features have enabled people to monitor others’ movements and businesses to evaluate customers’ online activities for advertising. This means that you must use location tracking wisely to maintain privacy. 

From another perspective, location sharing can be used as a powerful communication tool. You can share your location to your advantage, but you must ensure you don’t publicize it. The following are situations when you can share and not share your site on your smartphone.

Situations When to Share Your Location

When using a smartphone, there are situations when sharing your location can be to your advantage. Such situations include:

Meeting with Friends

If you are meeting up with friends for something like a movie, it will be great if you share the theater’s location through your Messenger, Apple iMessage, or Google. This way, it will be easy for everyone to know the place. You can also use the apps to know where everyone is so that people can keep time.

Meeting for a Romantic Date

If you are meeting a romantic partner for a date, you can use an app like Find My Friends on your iPhone to know where they are. Use this link https://setapp.com/how-to/share-location-iphone to understand how to share your location. When sharing your area, it will be easier to call them when you notice they are out of the office. Therefore, make good use of location sharing to know where your partner is if you are meeting up.

Planning an Outdoor Event

Do your friends and guests a favor by using Messenger or Apple Maps when planning or attending an outdoor event. Pinning your location will make it quick for them to find you. It will reduce the frustration of looking for you in a crowded place.

After Buying Your Kid a Smartphone

If you just bought your kid a smartphone, location tracking is critical. The Find My Friends app will allow you to track your child’s location to ensure they are safe. The best thing about using an iPhone is that it makes it difficult for third parties to track your kid’s phone. The data stored on servers is encrypted and only kept for two hours before deletion. Therefore, ensure location sharing is switched on all the time.

When You Should Not Share Location

The above are ways location sharing can help you. However, there are other situations when you should keep your location to yourself, or location sharing may not work. Such include:

Meeting Indoors

If you are meeting indoors, say a mall, don’t share your location. In most cases, the app may give the wrong Hiding your location since not many are designed for indoor spaces. Hence, you may have to use texts or call.

Using Social Media

It is advisable to hide your location when using public platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Hiding your location is for safety reasons to keep away stalkers and creepers. Remember, not everyone on social media has the best intentions. Therefore, ensure your identity and location are safe by avoiding sharing them on public sites.


The most important thing is knowing when to and when not to share your location. If you don’t want people to see where you are, do not share your location or switch location tracking on your smartphone.

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