PopSockets PopMount 2 real statement

PopSockets PopMount 2 is a vehicle phone mount that addresses a key complaint among PopGrips users. The fact that you can’t utilise a vehicle mount without removing the Grip is one example.


The PopGrip becomes an essential element of the configuration with the Popmount 2, making it both indispensable and useless depending on whether you use one or not.

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PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Price and availability

The PopMount 2 is available from PopSockets and other major electronics retailers. It’s only available in black from the former, while the likes of Amazon only stock it in white or pink — with no trace of black to be seen.


PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Design & features

The PopMount 2’s greatest design feature is its massive sticky ring base. It’s enormous and quite sticky. It’s one of the stickiest sticky cups I’ve ever tested, which is likely why PopSockets claims it will stick to everything.

The features are as extensive as they should be. Areas for wires to be clipped are dotted over that large base, ensuring that they don’t fly about the cabin when you’re on the go. The arm is composed of a ring-shaped piece of plastic that contrasts nicely with some of the more utilitarian holders available. The entire device can also revolve to offer you the finest possible angle.

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PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Setup

The PopMount 2 is really easy to set up. Clean the surface you’ll be attaching it to, then set it there with a little push to ensure the adhesive ring does its job. In terms of setup, that’s all there is to it. Now all you have to do is slot your device into the holder’s PopGrip mount and you’re ready to go.

Those who wish to charge their phone will need to use a cable, which is where the built-in cable holders come in useful. They’re not particularly fancy, but they get the job done.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Performance

In my testing, the adhesive ring proved to be more than enough for securing the holder in place. The whole machine is also remarkably stiff, so there isn’t much movement on the road. In my time, I’ve tested a lot of less stable phone mounts.


Because you can rotate the mount from side to side, you can make sure you’re staring at your phone straight forward. Pick up your phone, spin it around, then put it back on the old-fashioned manner to rotate it. Simple.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Verdict

The PopSockets PopMount, like so many other vehicle phone holders, serves its job well and in an unobtrusive manner. That’s what most of us expect from modern devices, so there’s no need to dismiss this holder. Sure, it doesn’t charge wirelessly, but the PopGrip scenario prevents that. The PopGrip, on the other hand, is what makes the PopMount 2 so appealing.

Anyone who utilises a PopGrip should definitely try out the PopMount 2. I can’t fathom anyone being dissatisfied in this world. Those who do not utilise a PopGrip, of course, are not eligible.




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