Kenwood Excelon DMX905S Plan and establishment

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are actually building up momentum, being sold in more vehicles than any other time in recent memory.


In any case, imagine a scenario in which you need to add the smarts of CarPlay or Android Auto to a vehicle that you as of now have. That is the place where post-retail units like the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S come in as a method for making your vehicle’s infotainment framework a ton more brilliant.

Infotainment frameworks like this aren’t unprecedented, and they assume a significant part in bringing any semblance of Android Auto and CarPlay to vehicles that in any case wouldn’t get it.


However, would they say they merit the money – $649 in the US, or about £500/AU$885? We put the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S under a magnifying glass to discover.

Plan and establishment

Before you’ll have the option to turn the unit on and experience it for yourself, you’ll need to get it introduced, and except if you’re precisely disapproved, you’ll most likely need an expert to do it.

Remember that when you’re pondering estimating – it’ll presumably cost essentially another couple of hundred dollars/pounds to get the gadget introduced, particularly assuming you really want frill like a connector for directing wheel controls.


Whenever introduced appropriately, a large number of the parts of the unit ought to be really unobtrusive. For instance, the unit accompanies a receiver for Android Auto and CarPlay voice controls, and on my 2012 Nissan Sentra, it sits directly over the back view reflect, generally concealed.

We additionally had associated USB/Aux port introduced, which you’ll need to consider doing, as well. While Android Auto Wireless is accessible on this unit, you’ll need to set it up with a wired association, and there’s no USB port on the facade of the DMX905S naturally.

When the Excelon DMX905S is introduced you’ll see that it’s essentially all screen, with a line of buttons directly under it. That line incorporates volume controls, a volume weakening control button, a home button, a menu button, applications button, and a camera view button.


We tracked down that while the buttons were not difficult to squeeze, we didn’t cherish the way that they were broadened so distant from the showcase. In addition to the fact that it was somewhat unattractive, however it made contacting the lower part of the presentation somewhat harder. We figure the actual buttons ought to have been somewhat more flush with the actual showcase.

Aside from that, nonetheless, the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S is very much planned and should fit comfortable in any vehicle. However, shockingly, it will not fit in any vehicle. Head here to really take a look at similarity for your vehicle.


Obviously, the genuine motivation to purchase this unit doesn’t have anything to do with its plan – it has to do with the product it runs.


In addition to the fact that it runs Kenwood’s exclusive programming, however it additionally runs both Apple’s CarPlay and the remote adaptation of Google’s Android Auto.

To start with, we should address Kenwood’s own product. By and large, we observed it was tolerably simple to utilize, yet it’s not actually the prettiest framework out there.

From the principle screen, you’ll have the option to open up Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and access an application screen with admittance to Waze, a telephone application, etc.


As a rule, we thought that it is not difficult to explore Kenwood’s product, however liked to utilize the telephone applications in CarPlay or Android Auto. All things considered, assuming you happen to not approach Android Auto or CarPlay for reasons unknown, you’ll in any case have a few choices. It’s really simple to just combine your telephone through Bluetooth and utilize the Excelon DMX905S as a fundamental Bluetooth gadget.

Obviously, there are a huge load of Bluetooth gadgets out there, and a significant number of them are a ton less expensive.

On the off chance that you’re contemplating purchasing the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S, then, at that point, you’re most likely more inspired by Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. We will not get into surveying both of those frameworks here, yet at the same both functioned admirably.


As a general rule, we observed that the unit appeared to associate with CarPlay a little speedier than Android Auto, however that could incompletely be because of the way that we were utilizing a maturing Google Pixel XL on the Android P beta during testing.

We had a couple of issues interfacing with Android Auto Wireless – now and again, it just wouldn’t associate. The unit overall associated with wired Android Auto a ton speedier than Android Auto Wireless, as well.

In addition, there were a couple of bugs in Android Auto that might be identified with the Kenwood unit as opposed to Googling’s product, similar to the way that requesting that Google Assistant settle on a telephone decision sent us back to the Kenwood home screen for the call rather than to Android Auto’s telephone screen. Marginally unusual bug, and one that brought about us having to physically re-open Android Auto.



The Kenwood Excelon DMX905S is an incredible method for getting Android Auto or Apple CarPlay into a more seasoned vehicle.

While there are a couple of configuration characteristics, and Kenwood’s product isn’t awesome, it’s most likely the least expensive method for getting Android Auto Wireless without purchasing another vehicle, and it appeared to perform pretty well in our tests.

Obviously, you’ll need to calculate things like establishment the expense, and remember that you’ll have to guarantee that you can get to an associated USB port after the unit is introduced, however assuming those things don’t trouble you, then, at that point, this likely could be the following in-vehicle infotainment for you.




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