Hands-on: JBL Legend in car in 2022

Update: The JBL Legend CP100 is postponed because of a product determination change after the unit was submitted for confirmation. The determination change required programming changes and re-accommodation for accreditation by both Apple for CarPlay and Google for Android Auto. Its actually coming, yet there is certifiably not a proper delivery date yet.


JBL is a notable brand for sound items, regardless of whether its home, vehicle or compact items. The organization produces secondary selling speakers, sound processors and enhancers for vehicles, yet never endeavored to assume control over your dashboard, up to this point. The new JBL Legend CP100, declared at CES 2016, is the organization’s first twofold commotion radio pointed toward attracting vehicle proprietors into adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capacities to their vehicles.

The JBL Legend CP100 in-run advanced cell beneficiary overhauls your 2-DIN framework to


a 6.75″ contact screen associated vehicle experience. The JBL Legend CP100 is Bluetooth

empowered, has a back camera input, is directing wheel interface prepared and gives turn-byturn route through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Settling on decisions, sending messages, tracking down headings, playing music and exploring all


become more straightforward, more secure and more natural utilizing the JBL Legend CP100. You get customary

AM/FM and advanced cell availability in one bundle with a basic, clean interface.

Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Drive Connected.

Harman’s demo lobby at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, during CES 2016, had the JBL Legend CP100 in plain view in a demo box. I had the option to get a few involved time with the unit running Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capacities.


The CP100 sports a 6.75-inch capacitive touch screen (like a cell phone) for $399, when its rivals commonly utilize resistive touch screens (like old Palm Pilot’s and Windows CE gadgets) except if you spend twice as much for a better quality unit. Screen goal is just 800 x 480, which doesn’t sound invigorating in a tech universe of 4K everything, except goal on a screen that little is sufficient from the driver’s seat.

Outwardly, the JBL CP100 looks exceptionally plain, yet entirely that is alright. It’s a standard twofold clamor radio, which most Japanese vehicles since the 80’s and European or American vehicles from the last part of the 90s can oblige. The plain dark plastic plan makes it simple to mix in with most dashboards equipped for tolerating a twofold noise radio.

JBL CP100 Android Auto

Regardless of the plain design, JBL gives physical buttons to power, volume and voice acknowledgment, all the other things is driven by the touch screen. The consideration of a voice acknowledgment button, which works with Google Now and Siri, is a great expansion for vehicles that do not have a committed button for voice orders on the directing wheel. The buttons have white backdrop illumination that effectively mixes in with all inside lighting tones as well.


Directing wheel controls are upheld by the CP100, however requires an outer connector, as other secondary selling radios. Progressed vehicle-connect interfaces, like iDataLink Maestro or Axxess InfoLink, are not upheld, so those with vehicles that utilization the infotainment screen for environment controls and changing vehicle settings should look somewhere else or renounce those processing plant capacities, shockingly.

The UI for the CP100 is exceptionally basic, it’s a dark foundation with a line of buttons for five capacities: telephone, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, FM, AM radio and settings. JBL planned the CP100 only for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay network, so the plain UI is justifiable.

A solitary USB port is accessible for cell phone network. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay usefulness functions true to form. You essentially associate your iPhone or Android cell phone and the telephone interface assumes control over the screen. Exploring the UI in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is liquid and responsive – I didn’t experience any slack.


JBL CP100 CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support utilizing a vehicle’s GPS recieving wire to give turn-by-turn route, which gives better gathering. The JBL CP100 does exclude an outside GPS radio wire so route unwavering quality depends entirely on your telephone, lamentably.

JBL incorporates a wired receiver with the CP100, however it was difficult to measure how well it functions in a jam-packed demo region. The CP100 additionally includes a solitary video input for a reinforcement camera for those leaned to add the component.

A couple of full-range pre-amp yields for the front and back channels. The two preouts ought to be sufficient to interface the CP100 to vehicles with plant premium frameworks with outside speakers. An interior four-channel intensifier that produces 45-watts top, per channel, is accessible for vehicles without premium sound frameworks.


Early decision

The JBL Legend CP100 is a convincing method for adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to your more seasoned vehicle. Its intended to depend absolutely on your cell phone, and there’s nothing off about that, since Android Auto and Apple CarPlay give great in-vehicle UIs.

The $399 cost for a head unit with capacitive touch screen effectively prevails over contending units from Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Sony and Clarion, which include resistive touch innovation. In case I had a more seasoned vehicle with a twofold commotion radio opening, the JBL CP100 would be difficult to miss.




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