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How to Spawn a Wither in Minecraft Easy Guide!!!

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How to Spawn a Wither in Minecraft: Everything you need to know about how to spawn a Wither in Minecraft, including what they are and why you’d want to make one, is right here.

These instructions apply to all platforms of Minecraft.

How to Summon a Wither

Follow these steps to summon a Wither in Minecraft:

  1. Mine 4 Sand Soul. Sand Soul can only be found in The Nether, so you may need to build a Nether Portal.Mining Soul Sand in the Nether in Minecraft
  2. Get 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls. Defeat Wither Skeletons in The Nether or Fortresses. Wither Skeleton Skulls have a 2.5% drop rate, so you’ll probably have to fight a lot of them.A Wither Skeleton in Minecraft
  3. Place your Sand Soul pieces in an upright “T” shape where you want to summon the Wither. Place one block on the ground, then another on top of that, and then another on either side of the top block. Select a large, open space. You’ll need a lot of room to avoid the Wither’s attacks.Summon alter for Wither in Minecraft
  4. Place 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls on top of the “T” shape.Steps 3-4 must be performed in order exactly as described. Placing the skulls before you place all the other blocks won’t work.Wither Skeletons on top of a Wither summon altar
  5. Get out of the way. You’ll have 10 seconds before the Wither unleashes a massive explosion. After that, the battle begins.Spawning a Wither in Minecraft

Spawn a Wither With Cheat Commands

To summon Withers, use a cheat command in the desktop versions of Minecraft. To begin, go to your World Settings and ensure that the Activate Cheats option is turned on.

Activate Cheats toggle in Minecraft settings

Then, go back to your game, press / to open the command window, and enter the following:

summon wither
/summon Wither command in Minecraft chat window

How to Fight a Wither in Minecraft

Bring plenty of healing and strength potions to the battle. Withers are weak to the Smite enchantment, therefore enchant your strongest blade using an Enchantment Table (preferably a Diamond Sword).

Bows deal less damage, but they’re a safer option because you can keep your distance. Enchant your bows with the Power enchantment and your arrows with the Infinite enchantment to avoid running out of ammo. Use the Quick Charge enchantment on your Crossbow to shorten loading time.

Withers are not affected by fire and are immune to the majority of status effects. The Instant Health effect, on the other hand, harms Withers, whereas the Instant Damage effect heals them.

What Are the Wither’s Attacks?

Withers tosses two different types of skeleton heads. On impact, black skulls destroy blocks with a blast resistance less than 4. Blue skulls move more slowly, but they deal more damage and can shatter practically any block. They will also charge at you, destroying anything in their way.

The behaviour of the Wither is determined by your difficulty setting. When the Wither’s health drops below 50%, it will gain protective armor, summon Wither Skeletons, and begin throwing more skulls.

If you’re having trouble, switch to an easier game mode to practice. Once you’ve figured out a good strategy, reset the difficulty to your preferred setting.

Why Fight the Wither?

Withers are powerful creatures that attack everything they see, excluding zombies and other undead mobs. They only materialise when called upon.

Withers drop Nether Stars when defeated, which are used to make Beacons. There is no other way to obtain Nether Stars, but they are a valuable reward for defeating a difficult foe.

How to Make The Wither in Minecraft (All Versions)


Can you summon a Wither Storm?

No. The Wither Storm boss was only available in Minecraft: Story Mode, which is no longer available. Installing a Minecraft mod is the only way to spawn a Wither Storm.

How do you treat the Wither effect?

When a Wither strikes you with one of its flying skull bullets, you will gain the Wither status effect. Your health will begin to deteriorate, similar to the Poison effect. Drink Milk or use a Totem of the Undying to cure Wither.

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