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How to Get Best Free Games on Quest 2

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This guide will show you How to Get Best Free Games for your Meta (Oculus) Quest and Quest 2.

What You Should Know

  • On the quest, open the store, pick Pricing, Free, choose a game, and then select Get.
  • In the mobile app, go to Store, then to the filter icon, then to Pricing, then to Free, then to the game you want, and finally to Get.
  • Free App Lab games are available at sidequestvr.com > games > app lab, where you can select a game, Download App (Oculus), and click Get.

How to Get Best Free Games on Quest 2

The Quest store contains a number of free games, such as Horizon Worlds and VR Chat, which may be obtained via the storefront on your headset or the mobile app on your phone. On all platforms, the store features a variety of handy filtering tools, including a price filter that allows you to limit your search to solely free games. There are also many free games accessible through App Lab that you can queue for download from the Oculus store website, and the easiest place to locate them is through the third-party site SideQuest.

Here’s how to find and download free games for your virtual reality quest:

  1. Press the Oculus button on your right touch controller to open the Toolbar, and select the store icon (the shopping bag).The store icon (orange shopping bag) highlighted on the Quest 2 toolbar.
  2. Select Pricing in the Filter section.Pricing highlighted in the Quest 2 store.
  3. Select Free.Free highlighted in the Quest 2 store filters.
  4. Scroll through the options and check out the available games.Free games in the Quest 2 store.
  5. Select a game you want, then select Get.Get highlighted on a free game in the Quest 2 store.
  6. The game will queue for download, and it will be available in your library when it finishes.

How to Get Free Quest and Quest 2 Games From the Mobile App

The mobile app also contains a selection of free games for Quest and Quest 2. This is the same software that is used to configure the Quest and handle Quest parental controls, among other things, so you most certainly already have it on your phone.

When you download a free game via the app, it is instantly queued for download on your Quest headset. The game will be downloaded the next time you power on your Quest and connect it to Wi-Fi.

Make sure the app reads Quest/Quest2 in the upper left corner. If it doesn’t, tap the headset that does appear and select Quest/Quest 2 before continuing. If you don’t, you’ll end up looking for games for the wrong headset.

Here’s how to get free Quest games on the mobile app:

  1. Open the mobile app, and tap Store.
  2. Tap the filter icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap Pricing in the Filter section.Store, Filter icon, and Pricing highlighted in the Oculus app.
  4. Tap Free.
  5. Swipe the filter menu to the right to dismiss it.
  6. Scroll through the free options.Free, right arrow, and free games in the Oculus app.
  7. Tap a game you want.
  8. Tap Get.
  9. The game will queue for download and installation on your Quest headset.Get and Install Queued in the Oculus app.

How to Get Free Quest Games Through App Lab

App Lab is an official Meta initiative that lets designers to quickly get their games on the Quest and Quest 2 without having to go through the regular method. Because the traditional method of getting into the Quest store takes time, this lets designers to get their games to you much faster, and often for free, but the quality varies greatly.

App Lab games are available on the Quest website, however there is no official list of all App Lab games. The unauthorised SideQuest website is the greatest place to find App Lab games because it allows you to search through a vast range of games and then links you to the official Quest shop to obtain and download them.

Because you eventually get these free games from the Quest shop, they immediately queue and download to your headset, exactly like games from the Meta Quest app.

Here’s how to search and download free Quest games from App Lab:

  1. Navigate to Sidequest’s site and click Games.Games highlighted on the Sidequest site.
  2. Click App Lab.App Lab highlighted on the Sidequest site.
  3. Click a game that you’re interested in.Most App Lab games are free, but not all. Look for games that say FREE in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.Free highlighted on Sidequest.
  4. Click Download App (Oculus).DOWNLOAD APP (OCULUS) highlighted on Sidequest.
  5. Click Okay.Okay highlighted on Sidequest.
  6. This will take you to the Oculus store. Click OK to continue.OK highlighted on the Oculus store.If you aren’t already signed in to the Oculus store website, you’ll need to sign in using the same account that you use with your Quest.
  7. Click Get.Get highlighted in the SideQuest store.
  8. The game will queue for download on your headset, and it will be available to play from your library when it’s done.

This article explains how to obtain free Quest and Quest 2 games; however, if you have a VR-ready PC, you may connect your headset to your PC and play any free VR game you choose via SteamVR.


Is it possible to jailbreak my Oculus Quest?

No, although you can sideload software onto your Quest or Quest 2. Go to Settings > General in the Meta Quest app on your PC and enable Unknown sources. Then, to transfer custom files to your Quest, select developer mode and install SideQuest on your PC.

Is there a game included with the Meta Quest 2?

Yes, the Quest 2 does come with a few games preinstalled, but they’re primarily just tech demos, so you’ll probably want to start downloading more games straight away.

Is Minecraft VR available for free on Meta Quest?

If you already own the Bedrock or Java versions of the game, the answer is yes. To play Minecraft VR on Meta Quest for free, you’ll need a VR-capable PC and a connection cable.

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