How to Find Out What Motherboard You Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

Do you need to replace your motherboard because it has a problem? You might be aware that your motherboard can be changed. But maintaining your motherboard is just as crucial as replacing it. This post is for you if you don’t know how to check what motherboard you have in 2022.


You don’t frequently swap out motherboards. Do you? And over time, you have a tendency to forget the brand, model, and version of the motherboard you actually purchased. Prior to replacing the motherboard with a new one, this knowledge is essential. So if you have been wondering how to check what motherboard I have, then keep scrolling.

You ought to be able to identify the motherboard in your PC by the time this tutorial is finished. Continue reading Technology articles on Path of EX, your source for the latest news, for more tech guides like this one.


How to See What Motherboard I Have | What You Need to Know

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

The motherboard is also called the Baseboard or the main board on which all the other components are installed. If it stops working, you need to replace it, or in other cases, you may simply want to upgrade it.  For either of these reasons, you need to check what motherboard you have.

On the other hand, if you wish to upgrade your CPU, RAM, HDD, or SSD, you cannot do that without knowing what motherboard you are using and what peripherals it supports. Even after upgrading your CPU, you need to install a BIOS update before it starts functioning. And you will not be able to install the BIOS update without seeing what motherboard you are using. 

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Along with that, in case you wish to change the PSU, you need to know what board you have. And the list of reasons is never-ending. In case you come across any of the above reasons other than the mentioned, this article will suffice. 

There are multiple ways to find out the motherboard you have. I am going to guide you through 5 methods of finding the motherboard you have.

Method 1: How to See What Motherboard I Have By Using System Information Application

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

The simplest way to find your motherboard details is to open the Start menu > type in System Information > Click on it to open, and on the right-hand side, you can find your Baseboard details.


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Method 2: How to See What Motherboard I Have By Using Command Prompt

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

One more way to answer the question of what motherboard I have is to Open the Start menu > type in CMD > Click on Command Prompt > type in wmic baseboard get the product, Manufacturer > and press Enter. The command prompt will display the motherboard name. 

Method 3: How to See What Motherboard I Have By Using a Third Party App

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

There are plenty of apps available for windows and google to let you know the motherboard name along with other hardware-related information. One such app is Cpu-z. You just have to download and install it and it will display the motherboard version.


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Method 4: How to See What Motherboard I Have By Using Google Search

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

You can simply type in your PC’s model number on google and find a lot of websites selling your laptop’s model. You can click on those websites and try checking if Motherboard details are mentioned. If not, you have plenty of options.

Method 5: How to See What Motherboard I Have By Looking at the Motherboard

How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

Last but not least, you can open the back cover of your laptop or the side cover of your CPU case and check the motherboard details yourself. This will help you in answering the question: “Which motherboard do I have?”


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Motherboard Checker Programs

If you would like to use a program to check your motherboard info, there are some free options you can choose from.

1. How to Find Out What Motherboard You Have With CPU-Z

If Command Prompt cannot retrieve your motherboard information or you would like a more thorough overview of its specifications, you can use CPU-Z. This free software will give you an extensive rundown of your PC’s hardware components.


You can download the program on the CPU-Z website. Once you install and start the program, it will immediately analyze your components to identify them.

To find out more about your motherboard, simply select the Mainboard tab.

Here you will see information such as your motherboard’s manufacturer, model, chipset, and more.


2. Check Your Motherboard With Belarc Advisor

If you want to find out the serial number of your motherboard, Belarc Advisor is another useful program.

The software is free to download from the Belarc Advisor website.

A benefit of Belarc is that it does not send your data to any web servers. Rather, once the analysis is complete, you will view the summary in a local file through your browser. To check the type of motherboard you have with Belarc Advisor, start up the program.


Once you permit it to run, it will go through a series of scans. You can choose to skip specific steps like your network scan.

Once the steps are complete, Belarc will open the results in a browser tab. The results include information about your operating system, hardware components, connected devices, and login sessions. However, to view your motherboard summary, look for the heading on the right that says Main Circuit Board.

This is where you’ll find your motherboard information, such as its model name, serial number, and its bus clock speed.


How to Physically Check Your Motherboard Type

If you can’t currently use software to check your motherboard type, there’s always the option to check it physically. You should choose this option if your PC won’t switch on or the motherboard is not currently installed. You can also use this for double-checking the model before you use a board for old motherboard recycling projects. It’s not the preferred method if you have a laptop since components may be placed in front of the motherboard itself.

The exact location of the model name on your motherboard will differ according to its layout and brand. Even the check we performed on two Asus motherboards found that the model number was located in slightly different locations for each.

Your motherboard model is usually found where there is enough space for the large text to be printed. This can be below your RAM slots, between your CPU and GPU (as is the case with the Asus Prime B350-Plus), or under your GPU (as is the case with the Asus Prime B350M-A).


If you’re not exactly sure what’s where on your board, check out our guide on parts of a motherboard and their functions.

You can tell the model name apart from other text because it is usually the largest text on your motherboard.

Another place you can find your motherboard model information is on the box it came in. Of course, this is only if you still have it lying around. A label on the outside of the box will include the model and serial number.


Additionally, a sticker on the back of the motherboard often provides the serial number. However, this is the hardest part to get to if your motherboard is already installed.

Find Out What Motherboard You Have on Linux

If you use Linux, the process of finding out what motherboard you have is just as easy.

First, open your Terminal in Linux using Ctrl + Alt + T. Next, type in the following command:

sudo dmidecode -t 2

This will bring up a summary of your motherboard, including its brand, model, and serial number. If you are using a virtual machine, the product name will identify this.

However, if you are running Ubuntu on your actual computer, you will see your motherboard model and serial number information.

Find Out More About Your Computer

You should try out some more tips to learn more about your computer’s hardware and how to leverage built-in capabilities to troubleshoot any issues now that you know how to quickly determine what motherboard you have.


There are several practical ways to gain more knowledge about your PC. All you need to know is how to start.

Wrapping Up

This concludes my detailed instructions on how to determine what motherboard you have. What is my motherboard? was the query you had at the outset of the article. After reading the post, I hope you were able to determine how to identify your motherboard. Additionally, keep scrolling thetechxp for other tech-related questions and step-by-step instructions.




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