PC Cable Management: How to cable manage your PC like a PRO!

One of the most crucial steps in your PC building process is PC Cable Management. It not only helps your setup look tidy, but it also makes it easier to upgrade components while you’re out and about. I am one of those tech nerds that thinks every device should be used to its full potential. As a result, I wrote this post to provide you with cable management tips that will improve both the appearance and functionality of your computer.

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In the twenty-first century, updating your PC comes with a lot of cords left hanging inside and behind your setup. With tremendous power comes great responsibility (hence the responsibility). The improper cable management not only makes the interiors look bad, but it also raises the temperature due of the airflow obstruction.

Unfortunately, understanding about PC Cable management but not using it won’t help your computer construction. And I can assure you that the level of cleanliness you will have on your table will make you fall in love with the procedure.

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PC Cable Management: Manage Your PC Cables This Way

PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

PC cable management isn’t as tiring as it sounds. In the end, it all depends on the type and size of your setup. There are some wires that stay inside the CPU cabinet and other wires that lie outside. 

You can easily manage the inside cables by utilizing the space under and beside your motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers do take PC cable management seriously, and that is why they provide you with some space alongside the motherboard. 

Along with that, I recommend buying a case for your cabinet, which will help you to organize the PC cables using the cable sorting holes made into the case.

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Why Does PC Cable Management Matter?

PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

What’s the whole purpose of building your own PC if not the top-notch performance? Without PC cable management, the tangled PC cables will create a lot of heat around the processor and stop the wind from passing through. This will slow down the performance of your PC. 

If you decide to upgrade your PC, you will have to detach each cable because it would be impossible for you to plug out the right one. If done frequently, you may damage the entire cable, which may cause a short circuit. 

Last but not least, nobody likes to work in a messy place. Organizing your work desk is the best gift you can ever give to it. Let me show you how you can save yourself from the trouble I mentioned above. Here is the step-by-step guide on  PC cable management. 

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Step-by-step Guide for the Ultimate PC Cable Management

PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

The idea behind your PC Cable Management is to hide your cables from sight. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create the best cable management PC. 

1. The first step is to buy a PC management-friendly case. It can do cable routing and as well as stick the cables around the back of the case. 

2. Buying the right PSU is the most integral part of your cable management kit. On the internet, you will find that most of the recommendations are for Modular PSU. However,  that’s not necessary at all. It all depends on the purposed budget of your PC build. For a small build, I recommend Non-modular PSU; however, if you have a high-end build, then go for Modular PSU.

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3. Component Placement is crucial because the routing of the cable has to be planned before you install any hardware on your motherboard. That is why it is better to buy the case first and then decide on the component placement so that you only invest in what fits you. 

4. Use the right type of ESD Compliant Ties or Tapes. You would not want the ties to open every day. Therefore, you should use the right quality of tapes.

5. Group the important cables and tie them with a velcro strap. Afterward, route them from the spaces provided in the case. After that, group the least important cables and route them through the back side of the case because you would not use the cables frequently. 

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6. For outside cables, use the velcro straps and paste the cables to the outside of your desk or under the desk so that there is less twisting of them. 

7. Last but not least, leave the outside cables loose for a situation where you need to move the device or peripheral from one place to another. 

I’ve pulled these examples from users across the web (mainly from Reddit) and have linked back to their original posts. If you think you have a great example of cable management, you can email it to me at [email protected] and I will consider adding it to this post.

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How to Cable Manage A PC
Posted by Reddit user u/Nanabas here.

There’s not over-the-top liquid cooling in this build. There’s not an overload of RGB lights. There’s no crazy color schemes that makes it stand out. It’s just a nice-looking white and black build with solid cable management. The custom cables do give it a nice touch, though…

PC Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/ub3rb3ck here.

If your cable management is good, an extreme custom liquid cooling setup can take attention away from your cables altogether. If your cable management is bad, no matter how cool your liquid cooling loop looks, your system won’t look great. The cabling in this build is done well and that allows the liquid cooling setup to take center stage.

Cable Management Close Up
Posted by Reddit user u/MitchCave here.

Here’s an extreme closeup of some nice custom braided cables. If you have the extra money to spend on custom cables, they will help your build (and cable management) stand out.

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Cable Management PC
Posted by Reddit user u/tcollier91 here.

I’m more of a stuff-all-excess-cables-behind-the-motherboard-tray kind of guy. It’s the same strategy as throwing all your dirty laundry underneath your bed so that your room looks clean. It works to an extent. But, if you want legit cable management, then you tend to the unseen areas in your build like Reddit user u/tcollier91 did in this setup.

Next Level Cabling Skills
Posted by Reddit user u/lowfat32 here.

Somehow this genius figured out a way to make his piping look like part of his cable setup and his cable setup to look like his piping. Cable management like this only comes around one in a millennium… eat your heart out boys and girls.

Behind the Desk Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/lordtris here.

Often times, we congratulate system builders on their cable management when, in reality, all they have done is hidden their cable mess behind their desk. However, there are a few among us who take cable management a bit more serious. To those select few… we salute you, oh manager of cables in the unseen realm of “behind-the-desk.”

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Color Scheme Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/NannerMan9000 here.

There’s good cable management and then there’s next-level cable management. It’s not that this builder pulled any kind of magic tricks on their cabling, but rather that they matched their cables to their fans and power supply that takes this build to a whole new level.

Green and Black PC Build
Posted by Overclock.net user Jameswalt1 here.

I didn’t realize how much I liked a green, black, white, and gray color scheme until I saw this dandy…

Behind the Motherboard Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/_a7kr here.

Keeping your cables well-organized behind your motherboard is akin to clean cabling behind your desk. It’s a next-level effort only carried out by the purest of cable managers.

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Good Ole Fashinoned Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/schwimmbux here.

There’s nothing spectacular here. Just some good ole fashioned cable management. It gets the job done.

Close Up of Good Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/aHaloKid here.

When you have a nice looking build as is and your cabling skills make it look even better, you’ve accomplished something few ever will.

Small Form Factor Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/Klutz00 here.

If you have a big case and you don’t do a great job on your cables, it’s not the end of the world. However, if you’re building a small form-factor gaming PC and you don’t put emphasis on good cable management, you’re going to get yourself into a bind. This, though, is a good example of cable management in a small case.

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Mini ITX Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/WhiterRice here.

This is a good example of cable management, for sure, however, it also shows how much a good case can make making your cable look nice that much easier. The red panel that goes over the power supply and extends along the side of the case’s side panel makes it really easy to hide all of the cables from the power supply.

Nice Looking Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/Angrypolska here.

Another instance where the cables actually enhance the visual appeal of an already nice-looking build, rather than detract from it.

Caught You Sleeping!
Posted by Reddit user u/stuck_limo here.

Did I catch you sleeping?! This, clearly, is not a good example of clean cable management. However, this is what the majority of people’s builds look like. And, for those people who are more concerned with gaming performance, it’s probably not going to be a big deal. You just won’t be able to open it up and WOW anyone.

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Cable Management to Highlight Other Parts of the Build
Posted by Reddit user u/stuck_limo here.

This build is a good example of how you can blend your cables into your build so they almost aren’t seen at all. Of course, the picture is taken in the dark, but the black cables and black case make the lights and white highlights really stand out.

PSU Shroud Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/ayybasketballs here.

I like this as an example of having almost no cables showing. Makes the build look really clean. The PSU shroud also gives it a sleeker feel.

Cable Sleeving For the Win
Posted by Reddit user u/gibson_guy77 here.

This isn’t the first example of cable sleeves in this post, but I figured I’d post a closeup of some good sleeving. Really, cable management is all about efficiently directing your cables so as to keep them as clean-looking and as out-of-the-way as possible. However, sleeving allows you to add an element of style to your cables.

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God Mode Cable Management
Build by Darwin PC. You can see the build log here.

This custom modded build is obviously much more than just good cable management. This is God Mode level modding. However, you can’t go God Mode on a custom setup unless you’re cable management is also God Mode level. The cabling here is just one incredible part among many inside this ridiculous setup.

Solid Cabling Skills
Posted by Reddit user u/Mocha_Bean here.

This is another example of solid cabling skills. Obviously, it’s not color coordinated and it doesn’t have a bunch of fancy sleeving, but this is what ‘standard’ good cable management looks like. Nice, clean, and efficient.

Nice Shroud
Posted by imgur user u/keysersohitstaken here.

Another example of how a power supply shroud can hide a huge bulk of messy cables and create a nice, clean look. Using a PSU shroud may not qualify as ‘good’ cable routing per se (afterall, there could be a mess under there!), but it does help hide your cables and make your system look better.

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Budget Build Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/sourcekappie here.

Just because you don’t have a super-high-end system doesn’t mean you should forego doing cable management. This is an example of a budget gaming PC that has very good cable management. There’s obviously nothing fancy here… no sleeves, no sleek color scheme, no PSU shroud, etc. It’s just good cabling in an affordable system.

Under Desk Cable Trays
Posted by Reddit user u/henryheikkinen here.

Not a completed project, but this is a good example of items you can use to improve upon your cabling behind and under your desk. Using a cable tray and mounting your power strips underneath your desk can help you hide the rat’s nest of cables that so often ruin the overall look of battlestations and gaming setups.

Red & Black Cable Management
Posted by Reddit user u/Rikardny here.

A nice clean red and black themed build with some solid cabling going on.

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Black and Blue Build
Posted by Reddit user u/MexCelsior here.

I love the black and blue color scheme here. It’s well thought out. And, with good cable management, this build has a really sleek feel to it.

Brodholm Behind Motherboard
Posted by Reddit user u/Brodholm here.

Another example of superb behind-motherboard cable management. You really have to be dedicated to the cause to use this much precision with the cables behind your motherboard. Ultimately, this is just another example of next-level cabling skills.

Black and White PC Build
Posted by Reddit user u/The_Angriest_Guy here.

A PSU shroud, sleeved cabling, liquid-cooling, black and white color scheme… This is a great example of how good cabling skills, paired with a nice color scheme, and the clean look of a closed-loop CPU cooler can really make a build look sharp.

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Cable Combs
Posted by Reddit user u/p0Pe here.

Aside from how incredible this build is, one thing it does well is utilizing cable combs. Essentially, cable combs are a great tool to organize a group of cables so that you can condense them and make them look much cleaner and more organized. Since wiring a 4-way GPU configuration can be somewhat messy and difficult to get in place, these custom cable combs make the job much easier and give it a sleeker look.

Wrapping Up  

My detailed instructions for managing PC cables are now complete. You may find incredible discounts on your preferred technology as well as detailed instructions on how to handle your technology at The Tech Xp, including suggestions for cable management. Continue reading for such beneficial information and time-saving advice. thetechxp

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