Hogwarts legacy won’t include quidditch

Put aside that broomstick.

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Quidditch will not be included in the upcoming Harry Potter role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, but it will still allow you ride a broomstick around.

Since the first book, the made-up fantasy sport has been a mainstay of the Harry Potter series, and fans have been anticipating its inclusion in Hogwarts Legacy. Players won’t be able to participate in the sport when the game is released next year, according to a new FAQ article on the game’s website.


The FAQ page states that “Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy.” But the game also includes challenges like broom races and broom flight for traversal. Brooms may be flown by players to explore both new and well-known areas near Hogwarts Castle.

The magical game of Quidditch has long been a favourite of fans, even generating a real-world sport that mimics it. It played a significant role in the original books, movies, and some of the older Harry Potter computer games from recent years.

Its absence from Hogwarts Legacy, however, is not altogether unexpected. It’s a difficult task to recreate a full imaginary sport within an already huge RPG. Quidditch would not be easy to add because it would require designing all the extra gameplay mechanics, developing distinctive animations, producing new dialogue, passing it all through quality assurance testers, and then figuring out how to incorporate it into the main game without having it feel like an afterthought.


Not that you’ll have no brooms at all in the last game. With Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world role-playing game, you may explore the named wizarding institution as well as Hogsmeade, a nearby settlement, and the Forbidden Forest. Gameplay samples have previously demonstrated that you’ll be able to travel such areas on the back of a flying hippogriff or a magical broomstick.

Larger expansions for the game may be published after launch, however this is not certain. Additionally, as pre-order incentives, developer Avalanche has produced a number of DLC cosmetic packs. We wouldn’t be shocked if the made-up sport was included in some way through post-launch DLC, given how well-liked quidditch is among Harry Potter fans and its close ties to the franchise.




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