Vi and Jinx’s journey might come to an end in Arcane season 2

Will Vi and Jinx be leaving Arcane after season 2?

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Fans of the successful series Arcane aren’t prepared for the idea that season 2 may bring an end to Vi and Jinx’s narrative.

Following the publication of Bridging the Rift’s last episode, a five-part YouTube documentary that details Arcane’s six-year development, fans started speculating online about the likelihood of that happening. The first season of the League of Legends (LoL) animated series, which released on Netflix in November 2021, received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and reviewers, and it went on to win several accolades throughout 2022.


Unsurprisingly, Arcane season 2 will soon be available, however there is no specific release date for this one of the finest Netflix programmes. Fans are most excited about the possibility of Vi and Jinx’s narrative concluding after Arcane season 2, even if the designers of LoL and Arcane, Riot Games, have hinted a few things about the second season in Bridging the Rift.

Skip to 33:10 to hear it for yourself in the final few minutes of Bridging the Rift episode 5. “The fact that we can spend five hours in Piltover and Zaun [in season 1], and then do it again in a second season,” said Riot co-founder Brandon Beck

The programme also required to take into account character development for Arcane’s supporting cast, including Ekko, Caitlyn, and Viktor, according to Reddit user Vernitzsche, who added that they “can’t really figure out how they [Riot] are going to execute all this in a way that doesn’t feel hurried.”


One more season “just doesn’t feel like enough time to tie everything up, and the concept of fully altering emphasis within the same show just really rubs me the wrong way,” Anxious Mango 4589 said. Redditor POWDERed Jinx concurred, calling it “worrisome” and expressing the desire for the pair to have a “very wonderful conclusion.” While ThuBiejaMan argued that concluding the Piltover/Zaun story arc after just two seasons would be silly given that Riot hasn’t introduced “half of the champions in the region,” Bloom after rain added that they were “conflicted about” the idea of saying goodbye to Vi and Jinx after only two seasons.

Some fans don’t seem that worried. Regardless of whether season 2 concludes Vi and Jinx’s adventure, DawnSennin stated they have “total trust” in Arcane’s showrunners. Moving on to new locales and heroes in Runeterra, according to Spyrothefox, “sounds wonderful to me,” while EternalPain791 speculated that Piltover and Zaun would still play a significant role in later seasons, which would imply that Vi, Jinx, and company might reappear.

However, Redditor _harleys asserted that everyone was only misinterpreting Beck’s remarks. Beck could have merely been hinting at the idea of bringing other heroes and regions to Runeterra in Arcane, but that Vi and Jinx’s journey would still be the main plot line that goes across the series.


To get further information on Beck’s remarks, we’ve contacted the external PR teams at Riot Games and Arcane. If we hear back, we’ll update this post to reflect it.

Although the official release date for Arcane season 2 has not yet been announced, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent has previously stated that it won’t be available until some time in 2023. However, it appears like Arcane season 2 could debut in the early half of 2023 rather than the second, based on clips of the show and other remarks made throughout Bridging the Rift.

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