T mobile is giving some customers Apple TV+ for free

Once more, The Uncarrier is at work.

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The so-called Uncarrier is acting once again in an Uncarrier manner.

According to a T-Mobile announcement, certain of its customers will soon receive Apple TV+ as part of their subscription. To spread the word, the company turned to social media. Mike Sievert, the CEO of T-Mobile, also made the news in a YouTube video.

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The announcement video is available to view below:

The promotion is only valid for Magenta Max plans

Although having Apple TV+ included in your subscription is fantastic, it is only available to users of the Magenta Max plan. That’s T-most Mobile’s feature-rich but also most pricey plan. According to Sievert, there won’t be any price increases for the Magenta Max plan when Apple TV+ is added.

Customers of Magenta MAX like streaming. Therefore, it only seems sense that we are providing them more of what they enjoy since the Un-carrier always does that. Giving consumers more without asking for more in return is what has made T-Mobile the value leader in cellular thanks to actions like these. Customers of T-Mobile no longer have to pick between the greatest prices and a quality network thanks to America’s most-awarded 5G network.

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  • According to the business, the Magenta Max plan provides the following features:
  • With premium smartphone data, there is no cap on how much you may use.
  • We have streaming services, including Apple TV+ right now.
  • Unlimited high-speed data and Wi-Fi in 215+ foreign countries and locations
  • Scam Shield Premium security with free Caller ID and Scam Block to block obnoxious scam calls.
  • a year’s worth of roadside assistance from AAA
  • Weekly benefits and perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays

I now have a more basic T-Mobile plan, but I’ve been thinking about switching to the Magenta Max plan because of its added benefits and greater support for mobile hotspots, which might be useful if I start travelling more frequently once more.

If T-Mobile keeps adding features like these to its most expensive plan, that possibility will undoubtedly become a reality.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet apparent whether using the service with an Apple One subscription bundle will be successful. I have previously tried other offers, and they haven’t worked, so I wouldn’t anticipate this one to either.

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