New Apple TV 2022: Everything we know so far till now


Unexpectedly, a new Apple TV is anticipated.

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It may not be what Apple offers when it releases a new Apple TV in 2022, but that has yet to be seen. A new Apple TV is now a bit of a surprise, even if it is just reported to exist.

The Apple TV 4K 2021, which is among the top streaming devices and was introduced a little over a year ago, appeared to be the last new model for some time. The first revision in four years, it fixed one of the streaming box’s few glaring shortcomings (the remote). To purchase a new model in 2022? After less than two years? We are somewhat astonished. But we are also content.


Therefore, now is the ideal opportunity to dissect all the rumors and information regarding the new Apple TV. Additionally, since we’ve been using and testing the Apple TV 4K for a while, we have our own opinions about what Apple should do.

New Apple TV 2022 news and leaks

The most recent round of rumors around a new Apple TV was launched by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, one of the most reliable(opens in new tab) Apple news breakers and leakers. Gurman stated that the “next Apple TV, code-named J255, is in development with an A14 chip and an additional gigabyte of RAM” in a recent issue of his Power On newsletter(opens in new tab).

This contradicts the previously leaked information about a new Apple TV. Ming-Chi Kuo asserted(opens in new tab) that “Apple would unveil a new version of Apple TV that improves cost structure in 2H22,” despite having a lower AppleTrack accuracy score than Gurman.


That implies creating an Apple TV that is less expensive to create than the existing model, which would likely result in a lower price for consumers who don’t speak business language. Additionally, an Apple TV with an A14 processor and more RAM would probably cost more to make than the present model, which is powered by an A12 Bionic processor.

Additionally, the most recent iOS 16 beta has fresh allusions to a new Siri remote (opens in new tab).

New Apple TV 2022 features

What would those adjustments give you, then? Well, a cheaper price would merely increase the Apple TV’s accessibility. It makes perfect sense because most of the best competitors are less than a third the price of the $179 / £169 / AU $249 Apple TV 4K, which is too expensive for many. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max costs $55, while the Chromecast with Google TV and Roku Streaming Stick 4K are both $50. This means that anyone who have three TVs in their home can fit one 4K streaming device into each one or just purchase one Apple TV 4K.


A14 Bionic chip in Apple TV “may be handy for further gaming capabilities rolling out in tvOS 16,” according to Gurman. Apple has been attempting to gradually expand and elevate Apple Arcade as a feature.

But what if these two rumors are accurate? Apple would have to eliminate one feature for that to happen. This suggests that there’s a chance Apple will soon release a new 1080p Apple TV or something comparable.

And what about that new remote? Finding a lost remote is the easiest task to accomplish, especially since the Roku Voice Remote Pro provides a feature that is comparable. Therefore, we anticipate Apple to include FindMy support. It is simple to locate a lost remote thanks to third-party Apple Siri Remote cases that are available on Amazon and contain a space for the Apple AirTag.


New Apple TV 2022 wish list

What else do we need, then? Well, a USB-C port or two might be the beginning of it all. First of all, as Obscura software developer Ben McCarthy(opens in new tab) informed me online, that would make this gadget more travel-friendly.

A different reason why I want a USB-C connector is so that I may use an external camera with SharePlay, which enables simultaneous viewing of content from many locations. Apple could certainly provide this using Continuity Camera, but I don’t really want to mount my phone anywhere. However, you can’t assume Apple TV users have a clear line of sight to their screens from their faces.

We’d also like to see two software innovations from Apple reused in the upcoming Apple TV. (It should be noted, however, that at WWDC 2022, tvOS 16 received not a single mention.)


The new Apple TV’s home screen has widgets that could make it simpler to see what you want to watch next, check the weather, and monitor connected smart home cameras. The A14 processor, which you’ve seen in split-view app modes on iPadOS and macOS, would be fantastic if it were available. As with FuboTV, this would allow you to simultaneously watch two sporting events.

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