Latest: The Best Moveset for Xurkitree in Pokemon GO

Are you prepared to learn the greatest maneuvers for a supercharged Ultra Beast? What should your Xurkitree be wearing?

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With Ultra Beasts making their return in Pokemon GO, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your hands on a few special monsters, including Xurkitree. Following along with our Raid Guide, you should be able to claim your own, giving you the chance to get your hands on an extremely powerful monster.

But, now that you have one, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the best moves around for them, allowing you the ability to smack down any opponent, no matter how powerful they may be. Make sure that you’re strapped in because we’re going to dive right in and find out the best moves for Xurkitree, as well as their Perfect IV stats!

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Xurkitree – Best Moves & Perfect IV Stats

Now that you’ve shown Xurkitree what you’ve got in store for them and added them to your team, you’ll need not get tangled up when deciding the best moves for them. With their availability during the GO Fest 22 Finale, getting outside and battling them in a Raid will give you quick access to one of the strongest monsters in the game! Let’s find out the best Fast and Charged Moves for them!

Best Fast Moves for Xurkitree

Fast AttackDamageEnergy Per Second (EPS)Damage Per Second (DPS)
Thunder Shock513.310

While Thunder Shock may do slightly less damage, the energy gain that you’re getting from this move makes it eke out just slightly ahead in the overall span of things. If you’re in a ferocious battle, those extra little bits of energy could save your life at the last moment, giving you enough energy to perform their powerful Charged Move. Speaking of which, here’s the best option for that type of attack!

Best Charged Moves For Xurkitree

Charged AttackDamageEnergy Per Second (EPS)Damage Per Second (DPS)
Dazzling Gleam100-14.328.6
Power Whip90-19.234.6

Once again, the underdog takes the victory here, with Discharge earning the best spot, even with a lower DPS rating. While Thunder and Dazzling Gleam do offer larger upfront damage, the huge energy requirement for Thunder makes it useless in most battles, and when paired with Thunder ShockDischarge will earn an extra 20% Damage Boost, allowing you to sweep your enemies under the rug.

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Perfect IV Stats for Xurkitree

While this stringy monster may not look like it would pack a punch, like their sibling Buzzwole, you’ll come to find that Xurkitree is one of the strongest monsters in the game. With a sky-high attack stat that will leave you electrified, you’ll want to make sure that you’re finding the best of the bunch to add to your squad. Here’s what you’ll be looking forward to when you get your hands on a Perfect IV Pokemon.

  • Max CP: 3,937
  • Max HP: 165
  • Attack: 330
  • Defense: 144
  • Stamina: 195

And that’s what you need to know to prepare yourself for Xurkitree! If you love everything that this game has to offer, make sure that you’re checking into our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out where to get your hands on a Xurkitree, the best strategies to take down Mega-Raids, and 5-Star Legendaries, and what you’ll need to do to prepare for Pokemon GO Fest!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile D

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