How to Fix Snapchat Noti­fi­ca­tions Not Work­ing

Snapchat Noti­fi­ca­tions are undeniably important since they notify you of any new snaps, messages, or stories, ensuring that you never miss a moment. You should, in theory, receive Snapchat alerts as they arrive. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, since consumers have frequently complained about not receiving alerts for various reasons. And it appears that iPhone owners are significantly more affected than everyone else.

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Misconfigured settings or programme errors are the most common causes of such problems. In any case, this post will go through all of the probable causes for Snapchat notifications not functioning, as well as how to fix them. So, let’s get started.

Fix Snapchat Noti­fi­ca­tions

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To open Snapchat, touch it on your home screen. Then, on Snapchat’s home screen, tap the Profile icon. Now, in the top-right corner of your screen, tap the Gear icon. Finally, go to Notifications and check that the Snapchat notification option is turned on.


If you’re not getting notifications from Snapchat, the first thing you need to check is if the app is allowed to push notifications on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to find the Snapchat app from the list.

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Snapchat App

Step 2: Go to Notifications and turn on the switch next to Allow Notifications if it isn’t already. Also, ensure that the app is allowed to push notifications on the lock screen and the notification center.

App Notification Settings
Allow Notifications on i Phone

Apart from checking iPhone’s notification settings, you also need to verify Snapchat’s in-app notification settings to ensure they are enabled. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch Snapchat on your iPhone. Now click on the profile icon at the top and tap on the gear icon to open app settings.

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Snpachat Profile

Step 2: Next, go to Notifications. Now tap on the Enable Notifications button. You can further configure your notification preference by exploring the options below.

Snapchat Notifications Settings
Enable Notifications on Snapchat


Assume you’ve enabled Snapchat alerts but aren’t receiving them. Whether that’s the case, try logging out of Snapchat and back in to see if you can again get alerts. Surprisingly, this strategy has worked for many people in correcting the Snapchat notification issue.


Background app refresh is an iPhone feature that allows applications like Snapchat to run in the background while still sending you push notifications. By following the instructions below, you may ensure that Snapchat can utilise data in the background.

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Step 1: Open up the Settings app on your phone, navigate to General and go to Background App Refresh.

General Settings
Background App Refresh

Step 2: Scroll down and make sure that the switch next to Snapchat is enabled.

Enable Notifications for Snapchat


The focus mode function on your iPhone allows you to focus on the work at hand by turning off unnecessary alerts. It’s possible that you engaged Focus mode by accident, which prohibits Snapchat from delivering warnings. Here’s how to turn it off.

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Open the Settings app on your iPhone and click to Focus to turn off Focus mode. Now select Do Not Disturb from the menu.

Do Not Disturb

Next, turn off the switch next to the Do Not Disturb option.

Disable Do Not Disturb

If you don’t wish to turn off the Focus mode, you can also add the Snapchat app as an exception to receive notifications from the app even while the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled.

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Add Apps to Focus Mode
Allow Apps


Snapchat, like other apps, saves temporary data in the form of cache on your phone. While the data is designed to aid in the functionality of the programme, it may cause issues if it becomes damaged. As a result, you can empty it out to see if it helps.

While the iPhone does not enable you to erase cache data for any app, Snapchat does feature a cache clearing option within the app. Here’s how you can get it.

Step 1: Open settings on Snapchat.

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Step 2: Scroll all the way down to Account Actions and tap on the Clear Cache option. Hit Clear when prompted.

Clear Cache on Snapchat
Clear Snapchat Cache

Once cleared, restart the app to see if the issue is resolved now.


Snapchat is a well-known app. So, if the problem is connected to the current app version, you shouldn’t have to wait long for a remedy from the developers. You can see whether updating to the most recent version of the app fixes the problem.

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Finally, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling the programme. It’s conceivable that the programme encountered an issue when upgrading or that it contains damaged data. Reinstalling the programme should solve the problem in such circumstances.

8. Enable Use SSL 3.0 or Use TLS 1.0.

Security Socket Layer (SSL) and its successor Transport Layers Security (TLS) are security protocols that provide communication security over a computer network. Chances are that you are facing the iTunes error if SSL or TLS are not enabled on your browser. 

You can solve this error by enabling either SSL or TLS (or both) on Internet Explorer. 

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Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your PC.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and click on Internet Options.
  3. Now click on Advanced.
  4. Under the Security section, look for Use SSL 3.0 and Use TLS 1.0. Select one or both of these options. 
How to Fix Secure Link to iTunes Store Failed Error
  1. Finally, click OK to save the changes and check if the error is resolved. 

You should be able to use the iTunes Store without any issues now. 

9. Repair the iTunes Installation. 

If none of the methods mentioned above works for you, try repairing the iTunes installation. If the installation of iTunes is corrupt, you will not be able to access the iTunes Store. In this case, repairing the iTunes installation will solve the issue. 

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Here is how you can repair the iTunes installation on your PC:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Apps.
  2. Select Apps and Features from the left panel. 
  3. Find iTunes and click on Advanced Options under it. 
  4. Now scroll down and click on the Repair button. 
  5. Once the process is complete, check if the error is resolved. 

Repairing the iTunes app will fix most errors within the application. However, if repairing did not resolve the error, head down to the last method below. 

10. Reinstall iTunes. 

If repairing the iTunes application did not work for you, try reinstalling iTunes. Doing so will place the app back in its initial state, and resolve the ‘Secure Link to iTunes Store Failed’ error. However, reinstalling the app will delete all its data from your PC. 

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Here is what you need to do to reinstall iTunes:

  1. Exit the iTunes app. If you want to save any data, make sure to move the contents to a safe place. 
  2. Then go to Settings and click on Apps
  3. Select Apps and Features from the left panel. 
  4. Find the iTunes app and click on Advanced Options
  5. Scroll down and click on Uninstall to uninstall the app. 
Uninstall iTunes Windows 10
  1. Once done, uninstall the following applications in the exact order as mentioned below.
Apple Software Update
Apple Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Support 32-bit
Apple Application Support 64-bit
  1. Once done, restart your PC. 
  2. Now press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open a Run dialogue box. 
  3. Type ‘%programfiles%’ in the dialogue box and hit Enter
Uninstall iTunes Windows
  1. Find the folders mentioned below and delete them if found.
  1. Once done, go to Program Files and open the Common Files folder. 
  2. In the Common Files folder, delete the folders mentioned below, if present. 
Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Support
  1. Now press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open a Run dialogue box. 
  2. Type ‘%ProgramFiles(x86)%’ in the dialogue box and hit Enter
  3. Find the folders mentioned below and delete them if found.
  1. Once done, go to Program Files (X86) and open the Common Files folder. 
  2. Find the folders mentioned below and delete them if found.
Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Support
  1. Once done, clear the Recycle bin and restart your PC. 
  2. After restarting your PC, make sure to check the registry and clear the relevant entries. 
  3. Finally, install iTunes and check if the error is resolved. 

Hopefully, this will solve the error once and for all. 

This wraps up our guide on fixing the ‘Secure Link to iTunes Store Failed’ error. We hope our solutions helped you fix the error on your device. If you still have any confusion, please let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out!

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It’s never enjoyable to miss vital notifications. After all, the last thing you want to do is end your snap streaks, which have likely lasted hundreds of days. Snapchat’s notification issue will very certainly be addressed if you follow the procedures above.

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